The Best (Gross) Hair Mask Ever



I have been using face masks on my skin for years to keep it healthy, glowy, and in tip-top shape but I used to neglect my hair and would simply slather it in mousse, gel, or hairspray to keep my naturally curly hair frizz-free and manageable (albeit crunchy and lackluster). A couple of weeks ago I was having an indulgent night at home (Netflix, a face mask, popcorn, and Ben & Jerry’s ‘The Tonight Dough’ ice cream were all happening) and I decided to do a simple hair mask. I googled natural hair care ingredients and found that honey, coconut oil/olive oil, and egg were all consistently listed as excellent, nourishing conditioners for the hair. The egg enriches the hair with proteins and nutrients while the oil deeply hydrates the hair. The honey acts as a natural humectant, drawing more moisture into each strand. It also has natural anti-bacterial/fungal properties and helps to kill the fungus that causes dandruff.  I was initially grossed out by the idea of putting a raw egg in my hair (it smells funny y’all) but I decided to include it anyways to see if it would actually benefit my consistently dehydrated hair. Needless to say, this simple but effective hair mask has become a part of my regular beauty routine. While I have used both coconut and olive oil, I find olive oil to be much more hydrating for my hair (although it is heavier). This mask works wonders on parched, colour-treated, and curly hair. Yes, massaging an egg into your hair is gross, but trust me, the silky Princess hair that you will be rewarded with afterwards will make it worth it. Here’s how it’s done.


  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of honey


1 // This hair mask is honestly so easy to make, it’s ridiculous. First things first, scoop 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil into a little bowl. If you choose to use coconut oil, heat it up in the microwave so that it melts from its natural solid state. Next, crack an egg into the oil and whisk it until it is well blended. Lastly, add the honey. I use liquid honey, but if you do choose to use solid honey, heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds so that it melts. Mix it all together until it’s smooth and well blended.

2 // When you put the mask in your hair, I would recommend doing so over the sink because it can get messy, and the last thing anyone wants is a raw egg, honey, and oil splashed all over the bathroom. Bend your head over, and massage the mask into your hair and scalp, trying to get as much of the mask into your hair as you can without letting any run down the drain. I like to focus on the ends of my hair because they are always super dry with the most damage. Finally, wrap your head in a towel and let the mask sink in for as long as you can stand. I would recommend waiting at least fifteen minutes. I usually leave it in for an hour or two while I relax and watch TV so that it really gets the chance to penetrate the strands of my hair.

3 // When you are ready to wash it out, hop in the shower and rinse all of the mask off before applying conditioner. Rinse out the conditioner, shampoo as usual, and then apply conditioner again to your ends before rinsing with cold water. Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb and let your hair dry naturally. Enjoy your ridiculously soft, shiny hair. Seriously, I feel like a bunny after I use this mask, my hair is so silky.

So there you are. I love this hair mask and use it once or twice a week to keep my naturally curly soft, hydrated and frizz-free. It has totally transformed my hair and I can’t recommend it enough. For those who give it a try, let me know how you feel about the results!



Trend Alert | Furry Slides


Ever since Rhianna collaborated with Puma to release her sought-after, completely sold-out slides, the fashion world has kind of gone a little bit nuts for furry shoes. Now, when this micro-trend first crossed my radar, I laughed. I thought it was ridiculous. In colours that range from Pepto Bismol pink to Big Bird yellow, some of these slides truly look like accessories sourced from Sesame Street. Still, as the cliche saying goes, “never say never”, because these hairy accessories have begun to grow on me. They are kitschy, undoubtedly tacky, but fun. They pretty much scream “I am a little bit insane and I don’t even care” and that is exactly what I want my clothes and shoes to say because it’s true. Plus, they did reboot Carrie Bradshaw’s sex life (remember in SATC, when Carrie’s pink, feathery shoes made her and Berger have hot sex?) It’s probably a tall order to expect that from any of these shoes in real life, but they are still pretty fun. I have rounded up seven of my favorite furry slides from amazing designers like Brother Vellies and Marc Jacobs. It’s time to embrace fuzzy footwear.


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1 // PARME MARIN – Furry Baby Slides

2 // Chryse Heel Furry Slide Sandals

3 // Brother Vellies – Black Magic Tufted Dhara Sandal

4 // Puma – Fur Slide by FENTY

5 // Coral Faux Leather Ankle Strap Fur Single Sole Heels

6 //  Marc Jacobs – Dot Fur Slide

7 // Newbark- Yasmin Sandal



6 Celebrity Scents That Actually Smell Great

I am a girl with a true passion for fragrance. I have so many perfume bottles crowding my dresser that I hardly have any bare space left on it. And I keep buying more. My shopping habit when it comes to perfume is a little bit out of control. In fact, last Saturday I found myself ordering five different perfumes before seven am while still lying in bed. If that’s not an obsession, I don’t know what is. And although I truly appreciate perfume as an affecting, complex art form, I don’t discriminate between high-end, artisanal, and even celebrity perfumes. If I like a scent, I like a scent and some of the perfumes I enjoy the most are, gasp, celebrity. Now before you sneer and quickly click out, scroll through my list of six, quite frankly stunning celebrity perfumes. Are they guilty pleasures? Oh for sure. But these juices are so delicious you won’t even be embarrassed to tell people what you are wearing. My perfume’s Britney bitch.


via Kohls

1 // Private Show – Britney Spears

Top Notes: Coffee, Whipped Cream, Nectarine, Clementine

Heart: Orange Blossom, Sambac Jasmine, Dulce De Leche

Base: Amber, Musk

I’m a sucker for Britney Spears. I’ve been a fan of her since I was eight years old, bopping along at her Dream Within A Dream tour. So naturally, I have almost all of her perfumes and when I heard she was releasing a new one, named after a song from her latest album, I knew that I would be snapping it up. I’m glad I did because it is delish. With notes of coffee, dulce de leche, orange blossom, jasmine, nectarine, clementine, amber, and musk, it’s creamy, warm, and soo yummy. It’s very sweet but not cloyingly so, with a subtle edge because of the coffee note (apparently inspired by Britney’s love for iced coffee). It’s energetic but cuddly and lasts for hours. I tend to spritz it on before work (it is soft and sophisticated enough for the office) and at the end of the day, there is still a trace of buttery dulce de leche and musk.

Scent Situation: Date night, Work, Formal dinner



2 // Lovely – Sarah Jessica Parker

Top Notes: Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot, Apple Martini

Heart: Patchouli, Orchid, White Pepper

Base: White Musk, Woodsy Notes, Cedar, Amber, Salt (I always say that salt makes everything better)

Lovely smells exactly like it sounds. It’s a sheer, unbelievably delicate skin scent with cloudy notes of lavender, woods, and orchid and invigorating aromas of apple martini and bergamot. It’s crisp yet soft, with a classic femininity that evokes images of pirouetting ballerinas, ropes of pearls, and vintage silk dresses. This is a light, elegant scent that works for every day and for more formal occasions like a wedding or work event.

Scent Situation: Everyday, The office, weddings, Formal dinners


via Kohls

3 // Halle – Halle Berry

Top Notes: Fig Leaf, Bergamot, Pear Blossom

Heart: Mimosa, Hibiscus, Freesia

Base: Cashmere Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, Driftwood, Olibanum

Prior to trying Halle, I had never been a huge fan of spicy oriental fragrances. I tried this perfume when I was given a sample in Shoppers Drug Mart and I was instantly hooked. It’s spicy but sheer and very, very warm. Cuddly notes of cashmere musk, amber and olibanum mingle with beachy notes of mimosa, hibiscus, and fig leaf. This is a sultry fragrance that is most appropriate for the colder months (it can be a bit heavy in the summer) and for romantic occasions.

Scent Situations: Date night, The holidays, A night out

4 // Miami Glow – Jennifer Lopez

Top Notes: Passionfruit, Coconut, Pink Grapefruit

Heart: Cyclamen, Orange Blossom, Heliotrope

Base: Amber, Musk, Vanilla

Miami Glow was my first celebrity fragrance when I was thirteen. I was obsessed and wore it year round, despite it being a very tropical, summery scent. Flash forward a decade and I still love this perfume. It’s bright and sparkling with juicy notes of passion fruit and pink grapefruit mixing with smooth, creamy notes of coconut and vanilla. This is truly summer in a bottle and is a total compliment getter from men and women alike.

Scent Situation: Summer vacation, Beach day, Barbeque, Margaritas with the girls

5 //  Fancy Love – Jessica Simpson

Top Notes: Bergamot, Peach Blossom, Champagne

Heart: Jasmine, Lotus, Rose, Frangipani, Peony

Base: Amber, Woodsy Notes, Patchouli, Musk

Inspired by the feeling of falling in love for the first time, Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson sparkles with fizzy notes of champagne, peach blossom and bergamot. It’s a sweet, peachy fragrance filled with lush blooms. It’s utterly romantic and really does stay true to its concept. While most of the notes are floral, the peach blossom is very prominent in the fragrance and the scent has a very sweet, peaches and cream aroma that I can’t get enough of. It’s the kind of perfume that you smell when leaning in to hug your loved one. It’s innocent, unobtrusive, feminine and one of my absolute favourites.

Scent Situation: Date night, Cuddling at home, Dinner out, Everyday


via Target

6 // In Control – Britney Spears

Top Notes: Loquat Fruit

Heart: Tonka Bean, Black Vanilla Bean, Midnight Orchid, Creme Brulee

Base: Sugared Sandalwood, Musk

Decadent, creamy, deliciousness. I love gourmand fragrances but they can often come across as being very one-dimensional, young, and syrupy sweet. Britney’s scents tend to be very sweet but In Control is much more sophisticated than any of her sugary Fantasy perfumes. Creme Brulee is one of my favorite desserts (I order it anytime I see it on the menu in a restaurant) and it really adds a sultry element to this scent. It’s yummy, decadent and very sexy (my boyfriend loves it and he doesn’t mince words when he isn’t a fan of a perfume). It’s my go-to fragrance for a night out, a romantic evening with my boyfriend, or anytime I feel like being indulgent.

Scent Situation: Date night, Romantic evening, Night out




July Playlist | Bring Back the 00’s

Nostalgia is huge in fashion. What goes around comes around in a big way when it comes to this industry. Styles from past decades and even centuries are consistently being recycled and reinvented. In the past year, the 90s have been incredibly influential, from the runways and pages of fashion magazines, to blogs and streetstyle photography. Chokers, high-waisted mom jeans, grungey makeup and hair, and slip dresses are only a few of the trends from the decade that have made a comeback. Lately, however, there have been plenty of style references paying homage to the 2000s, arguably the weirdest decade of fashion ever. From cringe-worthy trends (hello trucker hats and velour tracksuits) to the cute styles we all miss (shiny lip gloss, crop tops, blue eye shadow, jelly jewelry), there seems to be a resurgence of delightfully cheesy trends from the past decade. As someone who grew up during the era of boy bands, glamorous pop stars (the first concert I ever went to was Britney Spears’ “Dream Within a Dream” tour when I was eight years old), I couldn’t be more excited and am ready to break out my boot-cut jeans and strawberry flavored lip gloss from my early teen years. A big part of 2000’s culture was the music. Bubble gum pop and saccharine dance songs were huge back then. Although I love a lot of today’s music, I’ve always had a soft spot for the songs from my childhood. With that in mind, I have created a playlist filled with my favorite songs from the beginning of the millennium.

1 //  “Slave 4 U” – Britney Spears

2 //  “What A Girl Wants” – Christina Aguilera

3 // “It’s Gonna Be Me” – Nsync

4 // “I Want It That Way” – The Backstreet Boys

5 // “Survivor” – Destiny’s Child

6 // “Where The Party At” – Jagged Edge

7 // “Ride Wit Me” – Nelly

8 // “I’m Real” – Jennifer Lopez feat Ja Rule

9 // “Purple Hills” – D12

10 //  “Underneath Your Clothes” – Shakira







Mediterranean Villa

Have any summer trips planned? If you are anything like me, you constantly feel the need to travel and explore, experiencing the sights, smells, tastes and cultures of different countries and cities. Right now I am day-dreaming about spending the rest of the summer nestled in a rustic villa in the Mediterranean with a sangria in hand. Since my schedule won’t allow me to take such a vacation, I have curated a collection of items that capture the stylish essence of the Mediterranean. Sun, surf, architecture and amazing fashion are all I need. Oh, and a margarita.


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  1. Gray Malin – Maroubra Bay Oversize Beach Towel
  2. AERIN Beauty – Mediterranean Honeysuckle Eau de Parfum
  3. Diptyque – Mimosa Candle
  4. Phase Eight – Eden Embroidered Dress
  5. Lilly Pulitzer – Riviera Straw Tote
  6. Yoins – Sleeveless Pleated Hem Floral Print Zip Closure Top & Skirt
  7. Chic Wish – Zigzag Bouquet Printed Midi Skirt
  8. Shoes Pie – Color Block Lace-Up Wedge Sandals




Saturday Inspo

It’s been a really relaxing week for a change, which has given me time to get back in touch with my creative side and indulge my hobbies. From painting and cooking to making jewelry and homemade bath products (I made the most delicious smelling Banana-Vanilla salt scrub yesterday, a recipe that I will definitely have to share here), I have been keeping myself busy in the best way. As always, I love to scroll through blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram for creative inspiration and this week I have found a ton of different ideas, recipes, and products that I have become obsessed with. From a lipstick that looks like a piece of art to the most drool-worthy straw tote, here are the five things that have made my radar this week.

The Prettiest Clear Lipsticks Ever

I make no secret of my lipstick obsession and these translucent gel lipsticks from China-based beauty brand Kailijumei are nothing short of stunning. They provide a sheer wash of pretty color in a wide range of hues from petal pink to tangerine and they smell like soothing lavender. They are also chock full of moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter, olive and grape seed oil and will keep your lips super hydrated throughout the hot, dry summer months. With dried flowers embedded in the gel formula, these beautiful lipsticks have caught the attention of editors (Allure and The Zoe Report raved about them) and beauty aficionados all over and sold out quickly. They are available for pre-order though, and you can snap em up here.

Super Easy DIY Candles

Candles are perfect for creating a beautiful ambiance and taking your space to the next level. Whether you have a signature scent or two that you favor for your home (my dad always kept the house smelling like Black Cherry or Apple Cinnamon), or, like me, you prefer to switch out your candles depending on how you feel, candles have a magical way of setting a mood. Our sense of smell is so powerful and is intrinsically connected to the part of our brains that store our memories and regulate our emotions and that is why aromatic candles can be so impactful. Rather than heading to a boutique and buying a couple candles, why not make your own? This recipe is super easy (even for the most clumsy, impatient of people) and it allows for total creative control in terms of scent. Can’t find that vanilla-violet-lavender blend you have been searching for? Create it yourself.

To-Die-For Cheese Garlic Muffins

The other day I had the urge to bake (an urge that happens quite frequently with me) but there was no sugar in the house. It occurred to me that rather than baking my usual sweet treats I could create something savory. With a limited range of ingredients in my fridge – a bag of shredded cheese, some garlic, and herbs – I searched for a recipe that would combine these flavors in a pleasing way. I found this recipe on Pinterest and it was ridiculously easy. It took me thirty minutes to make, from start to finish, and I was rewarded with the most buttery, deliciously cheesy muffins ever. Within a day they were gone (my family loved them as well) and they make a great breakfast, snack, or dinner accompaniment.

Tips From a Florist on Creating Gorgeous Flower Arrangements

Flowers should not just be reserved for special occasions or gifts. A fresh bouquet of blooms can brighten up any space, adding a beautiful touch of elegance and sweet scent (if you choose scented flowers). I love to create my own arrangements out of flowers from my garden and I find that homemade bouquets look so much more innovative and unique than those bought from the store. This article is filled with useful tips from a professional florist. If you are new to creating your own arrangements, this will provide you with everything you need to know to get you started.

This Stunning Straw Tote

Straw accessories are super popular right now, much to my delight. Unfortunately, despite having an assortment of straw hats at my disposal, I have no straw totes in my wardrobe arsenal. Enter this gorgeous creation from House of Perna. It’s roomy enough to fit all of my many “essentials” and then some, and the brightly coloured tassels are just so fun for summer. I know I will be carrying this bag on my arm all throughout the summer. And maybe into Fall if I can get away with it.




Fragrance Friday | Grin by Ayala Moriel

COMPANY | Ayala Moriel Parfums


NOTES | Agarwood (Oud), Boronia, Galbanum,  Green Peppercorn, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Oakmoss, Rose Otto (Turkey), Vetiver, Violet Leaf

As somewhat of a fragrance junkie, I love a lot of different genres of perfume. From week to week I will go from favoring gourmand scents to florals and orientals. With well over thirty fragrances crowding my dresser, I am not the type of girl to have just one signature scent and I can appreciate almost any type of perfume. However, if I absolutely had to choose a favorite, I would have to go with chypres. Fresh, green, earthy aromas have always appealed to me, reminding me of the smell of the rain-soaked forest floor, cut grass, and dewy flowers. I’m from British Columbia and, although it might be a cliche, scents that are reminiscent of nature – the salty ocean waves, crisp coniferous trees, and damp moss – are innately comforting to me and send me to my olfactory happy place. Grin, a delightful chypre fragrance by Vancouver perfumer Ayala Moriel (one of my absolute favorite perfumers), encapsulates everything I love about chypres. A few other favorite chypres of mine, also from Ayala, are Ayalitta and Rainforest.

I have a solid version of the scent ( a gift from Ayala from when I was working with her) and I keep it in my purse for when I need a little pick me up. All fragrances change as you wear them and adapt to your body chemistry but I find that is especially the case with natural essential oils. When I first dab Grin on I find it to be very green and earthy (as promised) with just a hint of spiciness, likely from the green peppercorn, vetiver and agarwood. As the fragrance continues to bloom on my wrist (no pun intended) a soft bouquet of florals become prominent, with notes of Turkish rose, jasmine and boronia leaving a delicate trail on my skin (boronia is the star of the show, at least on my skin). The scent stays true to its chypre roots throughout the scent and the oakmoss and violet leaf keep the fragrance crisp and green throughout the entire experience.

Grin is a perfume from Ayala’s vintage collection and as far as I know is not made in large quantities anymore. The benefit of this is that if you choose to order it, you can bet that few people will be walking around with the same scent. It’s a special fragrance. It’s romantic with a vintage vibe that is utterly elegant and refined. It feels like a fragrance you would find tucked away in someone’s jewelry box, a gift from a past lover that was made especially for them. It’s never overpowering and very intimate. It’s the kind of fragrance that you smell when you lean in for a hug or kiss and that you would associate with a loved one. It’s a favorite of mine that I wear often and I know that when I eventually run out, I will have to order it. I have quite a few of Ayala’s other fragrances (Zangvil, Orcas, Roses et Chocolat, Charisma, Dreaming Parallel, White Potion, Ayalitta, and Immortelle Amour) but Grin is an especially treasured one for me.

If you love chypres, classic florals, and fresh green fragrances, Grin is one scent that you need to try. It’s beguilingly romantic and elegant enough to wear to formal occasions but soft and fresh enough to wear every day. It’s the perfect light scent for summer and one that I wear year round. It’s a beautifully scented ode to fresh flowers and summer greenery.