Falling Through the Rabbit Hole: Mary Katrantzou’s Resort 2014

Remember when Alice fell through the rabbit hole or when Dorothy landed in Oz and their minds were blown and their worlds suddenly popped into techni-colour? That pretty much encapsulates my reaction towards Mary Katrantzou’s new collection. Mind. Straight up. Blown. Now I love fashion, I love clothing and I love art. That being said, it is not all that often that I go bananas over a collection. Not that there aren’t a lot of talented designers out there but I just feel that a lot of what’s out there resembles each other – in other words, beauty isn’t hard to find but something that feels truly and utterly new is.

What I love about this collection is how it tells a story, it’s utterly whimsical, and yet completely wearable as the wild fantasy of the collection is characterized by the fabrics, not the silhouettes (which are streamlined and quite modest). Now would I personally wear a head to toe suit reminiscent of a “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” trip? Probably not. I’d definitely create quite the splash in neutral loving Vancouver. But to wear everything piece by piece i.e. a Katrantzou blazer with a pair of white skinnies or over a little black dress, would be just the right about of eclectic and crazy. Mary Katrantzou’s Resort 2014 collection is stunning and quite frankly makes me a little sad that we have almost arrived at Autumn’s door step.

(Photo Credits: all photos belong to Yatzer – my favorite design/arts/culture website)

Take care xo,


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