Australian Fashion Week Flashback: Betty Tran S/S 2013

Even though we are just about finished with Summer and are moving into the Autumn months, I couldn’t help but mention this collection by Betty Tran that was showcased at Australian Fashion Week in April. Many pieces from this collection could easily transition into Fall with its rich, almost Gothic color palette anyways and it really is a collection too gorgeous for me to not mention, even if it is no longer breaking news.

Usually when one thinks of the geographical pulses of the fashion world, Paris, Milan, and New York are some of the cities that come to mind. However, some of the most innovative, game-changing designers in the industry are from no where else than down-under.

Sponsored by Mercedes Benz and held this year at the picturesque Sydney Harbor, designers showcased a wide range of collections. Everything from opulent and luxurious evening wear to futuristic collections reminiscent of Jane Fonda’s 1968’s “Barbarella” were displayed to a star studded audience.

While there were many designers that caught my attention, my favorite collection was Betty Tran’s. With Orient inspired fabrics and silhouettes, gilded brocades, rich printed velvets, intricate laces and decadent jewel tones, it was a collection reminiscent of modern-day Versailles. With the slim, clean-cut silhouettes juxtaposing with the almost over the top luxury of the fabrics and adornments, I couldn’t help but think that it every piece would be worn by Marie Antoinette had she ruled today rather than in the 18th century. Periwinkle blue, burnt orange, forest green and ruby were the predominant colors. It was a limited yet impacting palette for Spring, a season that is annually saturated with sorbet inspired pastels.

A sucker for intricacy and lady-like fabrics and silhouettes, Betty Tran had me immediately with her Edwardian-esque lace confections. I can’t wait to see what she does for S/S 14.

xoxo Alicia

Β Photo Credit: Photos courtesy of


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