Indiverve: Authentic, Modern, Unique and So Much More Than A Retail Company

Indiverve’s First Pop-Up Boutique located at 1081-88 West Pender in the International Village Mall in Vancouver. 
I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. I love it for its ability to change the way people feel and behave, how it has influenced and been influenced by history and the way it’s consistently changing and moving forward. I am truly blessed to be working in the industry that I love and for a company that inspires, excites and challenges me.
I have recently begun working for a new clothing and jewellery company called Indiverve and I am incredibly excited. Not only do I relate to the product as a woman and consumer myself, but I truly connect with the values of the company from a professional as well as moral standing point.. Indiverve pieces are beautiful, of the highest quality and are very reasonably priced (the most expensive Indiverve item retails for $100.00. For real. I am not lying.) It’s next to impossible to find inexpensive and high-quality both being used to describe the same product. It’s not all that hard to find affordable and it’s easy to find quality but rarely do the two go hand in hand. Because Indiverve works directly with manufacturers, removing intermediary channels such as wholesalers, buyers etc. we significantly cut down on costs allowing for our affordable pricing strategy. In terms of the caliber of the product, fabrics such as silk, linen, 100% cotton, viscose, and burn-out velvet are plentiful. The hand-made jewellery is made of brass, glass beads, bone, leather, resin and semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, agate, jade, tigers eye and turquoise.
All of the product is designed in Vancouver but is manufactured (ethically and responsible with close communication) in India. The vivacious culture of India is a huge part of Indiverve’s brand culture and references to traditional Indian design can be spotted within every piece, whether it be a silhouette, colour, pattern, embellishment or a type of embroidery that is unique to India. 
Every gorgeous piece of jewellery is entirely designed and hand-crafted by talented artisans in India, giving them a way to effectively financially support themselves while drawing attention to India’s unique fashion culture, designers and artists. 
A sense of community in a local and larger sense is a key and unique aspect of Indiverve’s brand culture. Using social media outlets and our own app “Set the Style” we really strive to communicate with our customers about everything and we truly do take the feedback that we do get and implement it. From my experience as a customer, I don’t usually feel as though my feedback, when I have given it to a company, has made any noticeable changes, but Indiverve takes count of every piece of feedback, positive or critical.
I know this post may come off as shameless bragging/promotion (and maybe it is) but I just want to say that I am thrilled to be working for a company that truly excites me, inspires me, and challenges me as a creative professional and also as a person. Below are a few of my favorite pieces from our debut collection.

These Boho beaded earrings are a pretty big hit in the store and I can see why because I am obsessed with them too. Hand-made with all glass beads, this photo doesn’t really do them justice.
One of my favorite pieces, this woven metal necklace by Indiverve is loud and boisterous and in no way subtle. It does lend a sense of confidence to an outfit and has a way of making the most basic, bland ensemble (think woke up late and threw on a plain grey t-shirt dress) look bold and enigmatic. I am the queen of subtle and low-key and yet I love this piece for its ability to effortlessly make me look like I made an effort.
I love this carved floral cuff for its subtle intricacy. It’s eye-catching but its light bronze colour means that it goes with virtually everything. This piece with it’s filigree like carving makes it a favorite of mine. I am a huge fan of the Edwardian era. Anyone who knows me, knows how obsessed I am with the movie Titanic and anything from the early 1900s. Cameos, filigree, carved metal – I love it all. 
I am a sucker for printed velvet and so this piece with its molten gold threads and brocade like appearance instantly appealed to me. It feels more appropriate for the Winter holidays but it could still work Fall with a lighter jacket or cardigan and some boots (how excited am I that it is almost time to wear boots again?).
Aside from their functional purpose of keeping one warm on a chilly Autumn day, scarves are a great way of giving an outfit instant polish. This scarf looks so vintage to me with its contrast of matte linen and sheer lace. It also comes in this great sapphire blue. I love the cheerfulness of this buttery yellow for the beginning of  Fall.
Photo Credit: All photos are courtesy of Indiverve and Indiverve’s Facebook Page.
xoxo Alicia

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