Fragrance Friday | The Gap’s New Fragrances Established 1969 Electric and Bright

Unfortunately/fortunately, I have busier than busy within the last week (am preparing for Vancouver Fashion Week at work and just started going back to school) so it has been a few days since my last post and this post was meant for yesterday. From now on every Friday will be “Fragrance Friday” where I will write about what is new, unusual, intriguing, shocking etc. in the world of perfumery.

Though I am passionate about fragrance, I am by no means a perfume snob. One of my favorite perfumes is Oceanus by The Body Shop (light, refreshing, a little bit soft and powdery, and actually reminiscent of the ocean which happens rarely) and I happen to own a few guilty pleasure celebrity perfumes. Although I tend to gravitate towards more obscure and artisanal perfume companies because so much of what is available on the market is so similar to each other (fruity-florals, vanilla sugar drenched gourmands, vague white florals), beautiful, interesting perfumes can be found within unexpected companies and places.

The Gap, a company known more for its overpriced clothing basics than for its perfumes, has just released two fragrances, Electric for men and Bright for women. Neon colours and bright, boisterous prints have been pretty popular within the last few seasons and they only seem to becoming more prevalent, so it made sense to me that The Gap would reference this with the name of their newest fragrances. Despite the names however, neither fragrance is overtly “electric” or “bright”. Though Bright with it’s fruity notes of raspberry and tangerine is a little bit louder, it is still rather soft and very feminine. The fruits smell are well blended with the florals and both fragrances rather subtle, natural, and reminiscent of the outdoors (I almost expected them to smell more synthetic, if only because they are from Gap and because their names – electric and bright, evoke images of synthetic, man made materials, colours, tastes, and smells).

Electric (Nose: David Apel)

Top: Sea-spray, cassis, bergamot
Heart: black pepper, petitgrain, linden blossom
Base: patchouli, vetiver, blonde cedar, clary sage

Bright (Nose: Patricia Choux)

Top: tangerine, raspberry, pink lady apple
Heart: pink lilies, hydrangeas, lily of the valley
Base: musk, woody notes, vanilla
I am a fan of the packaging. I feel that there is something very vintage-esque about the bold, clean, unfussy font, square bottle and solid colours. In terms of the fragrances, I feel that both are very pleasant and wearable. Neither are particularly sophisticated but if I was going to choose one for myself , I would choose Electric. It is the more masculine fragrance but it is also clean, sharp and very much reminiscent of the Pacific North West with its notes of ocean spray, cedar, clary sage, and vetiver. The feminine “Bright” could be really popular and well received. It is a very pleasant, sweet, girly fragrance but it is well blended and is really not overwhelming or “bright” despite its name, in any sense of the word. It smells like it is geared for the younger woman (teens to early twenties) but is low-key and demure enough that it could really appeal to any age group.
xoxo Alicia
Photo Credit: (in order from top to bottom) photos courtesy of The Fragrance Foundation, Fragrantica, and Now Smell This.

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