Western Living Magazine’s "Designers of the Year" Gala/ The Madness that is Vancouver Fashion Week

Me (left) and Miss Dubien taking a moment to strike a little pose (or non-pose in my case) at the Western Living “Designers of the Year” Gala.

Hi. So I have taken a short hiatus over the last week. The reason for this is that Vancouver Fashion week is this week and Indiverve (the company that I work lovingly for) is going to be there until the end of the week. We will be there for the opening Gala tomorrow and will have a designer’s booth everyday to showcase our pieces to industry folk (publications, buyers, wholesalers etc.).

 Thursday, September 19th will  be the day that we make our runway debut and after all of the past month’s hard work and after selecting the jewelry with Jaclyn (the Head of Marketing and Operations) last week and seeing each of the looks on the models, I am so excited to see our clothes on the runway.

A little stealth sneak peek of Indiverve’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. Versatile, elegant neutrals alongside striking pops of colour, exotic prints, and intricate embroidery and beading reminiscent of traditional Indian design. Get excited.

Fashion week has essentially been what we have been eating, breathing, and sleeping (I am not dramatic at all) for the past couple of months so I have had difficulties finding time to sit down at my laptop and write for me as opposed to my job. My schedule has been pretty much jam packed personally and professionally. One of my closest friends, Alihandra Dubien, and I have begun exercising three times a week at various places throughout Vancouver after finding a deal on Groupon that promised 30 exercise classes for twenty dollars! A steal of a deal. So far we have done hot yoga (love it, although note to self for next time: bring a change of bra. I can’t afford to go to La Vie en Rose every time I go), kickboxing (love it, although I have discovered that I am heavy footed and have absolutely zero coordination. And there is so much coordination involved, it was like a very intensive, aggressive ballet class), and Hapkido Self Defense (hated it. The instructors were sweet and patient despite that fact that we decided to go as beginners on the all black-belt day. Near the end of the class I was kind of hoping that I would smack my head hard enough against the mat to knock myself out.) This Groupon exercise deal has been a lot of fun and has already led to quite a few mini-adventures and hilarious/hilariously awkward moments.

One particularly momentous occasion that took place over the last week was Western Living’s 2013 “Designers of the Year Gala”. Alihandra and I went as volunteers, representing Western Living as well as Kwantlen Polytechnic University, alongside several other fashion marketing and design students. Our job was to man the silent auction table, which was probably the most fun task they could have given us as it gave us the opportunity to scope out all of the newest, most innovative fashion, technology, and interior design products available, as well as giving us the opportunity to talk to some of Vancouver’s most elusive, talented, and interesting industry people. All of the proceeds from the auction went to the Arthur Erickson Foundation – a fantastic cause that supports up and coming architects.

Alihandra and I at the auction, standing behind a luxury bath set and stainless steel kitchen set. If I could have bid, that bath set would have been mine for sure.
It was a wonderful evening and I am truly fortunate that I was able to attend. The location, the London Aviation Centre (LAC) at 4580 Cowley Crescent in Richmond, was incredible and completely unexpected. The all-white building, normally used to house aircrafts was emptied except for one helicopter, one jet, and one extremely glossy Porsche. The interior had a white on white theme, with white walls, table cloths, curtains, and linens. Exquisite, custom made chandeliers added some whimsical beauty to the otherwise very minimalistic décor. Despite the industrial, obscure location, the ambiance of the evening dripped luxury and delicious appetizers, desserts (a highlight for me were the elderflower infused chocolate tarts) cocktails and wines were served to all guests.
British Columbian’s most gifted, dedicated designers were judged by a panel of some of Canada’s most recognized and renowned designers. The categories for the evening were:
1) ArchitectureCedric Burgers, 2) InteriorsRobert Bailey, 3) Furniture Brent Comber, 4) FashionObakki, 5) IndustrialLoyal Loot, 6) LandscapeConsidered Design, 7) EcoCEI Architecture, 8) The Arthur Erickson Memorial for an emerging architect or designerLanefab, 9) Robert Ledingham Memorial Award for an Emerging Designer: Sophie Burke and 10) Ones to Watch: Rising Stars.
Respectfully I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Western Living’s “Designers of the Year Panel” judge Robert Ledingham who has recently passed away.
It was an incredible evening in an unusual but beautiful, interesting location. Vancouver is not yet recognized for its designers and artists on the scale that places like New York or even Toronto are, but events such as this one really showcase to the world as well as to all of us living here, how much talent and innovation really is in this city. I truly had a blast and look forward to next years gala!


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