Grungy Chic: Kristen McMenamy’s Gets Down and Dirty for Zoo Magazine

Photographer: Dancian
Model: Kristen McMenamy
Publication: Zoo Magazine

Grunge is a large-scale trend that I have personally never adhered to. Aside from my love for plaid shirts and distressed denim, I have never understood the notion of dressing to look undressed and unclean, as if one had plucked a hypodermic needle from their arm, shook out their hair and gone to a black tie gala. That being said, I absolutely love this editorial for the Fall/Winter edition of Zoo Magazine. Kristen McMenamy has such a delicate, innocent beauty. From her porcelain skin and wheat-like hair to her slight, willowy figure, she always seems to look as though she has stepped from the pages of a fairytale. The edgy, dirty, somberness of this shoot and these Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane pieces,ย beautifully contrasts with her pure, angelic brand of beauty. Raw, sexy, somewhat disturbing and undeniably gorgeous, this shoot almost makes me want to rat out my hair and wear unwashed clothes with holes in them. Almost.

xoxo Alicia

Photos Courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue and Zoo Magazine

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