Local Treasures

One of my favorite aspects of being a busy city-dwelling fashion-hound is that I find myself coming across a lot of very unique, unusual, fantastic local designers, artists, companies etc. This is not necessarily a good thing for my wallet but it is definitely fantastic in every other way. I can truthfully say that my switch to living and working in Vancouver has been the best thing for me. I am inspired every single day and so much of that inspiration can be attributed to the many amazing local businesses here (both obscure and known). Here are a few of my favorite things this week.
Photo Credit | www.dace.com

1. Dace “Boyd” Dress
Dace Moore is one of my favorite designers of all time. Her pieces are always so understated, quietly luxurious and elegant. This piece is no exception and is my favorite of her Fall Collection. Effortlessly sexy, this “Boyd” dress gives off the impression of rolling out of bed, shaking out ones hair, throwing on this dress and managing to look completely gorgeous and chic. Want.
Photo Credit | Viia Jewelry
2. Viia Jewelry “Isis” pendant
Chloe McKinnon of Viia Jewelry has an incredible knack for creating necklaces, bracelets, and earrings (or as she calls them “neck play”,  “arm candy” and “ear kisses”) that are different from anything else that is out there within the very saturated jewelry market. She creates bold as well as delicate pieces and used precious and semi-precious materials to craft her exquisite pieces. I am particularly fond of her “Isis” pendant, which layers gold, silver and pink chains with a gold and Swarovski crystal pendant. Pure stunning.
3. Averynthe by Maark Abenir
Maark Abenir is a mind-blowing, fantastic designer from Calgary who designs two fashion lines, Avenir Apparel and Averynthe by Avenir Apparel. He was just featured in Calgary Fashion Week and is recognized for his couture quality craftsmanship and fantasy-filled designs. His personality is just as dynamic as his designs. Incredible pieces and a designer to keep one’s eyes on!
Orcas Diorama
Photo Credit | Ayala Moriel on Flickr
4. Ayala Moriel “Orcas”
I do indeed work for Ayala Moriel parfums and so I know this feature might seem a bit like a product push. I began working with Ayala as an intern because I approached her expressing my love for fragrance, and in particular, her fragrances. My background is fashion but there is something about fragrance that just fascinates and inspires me. Scent is so powerful and emotionally evocative and impacting. Working for Ayala, I am constantly adding on to my perfume wish list. I recently purchased Immortelle L’Amour (an utterly scrumptious confection that is perfect for Fall. I am normally a chypre gal, but this particular gourmand won my heart) and the next on my list is Orcas. With notes of seaweed, ambergris, rosemary, lime and cedar, it perfectly encapsulates the smells of being by the ocean in B.C. It makes me think of Mayne Island (a tiny gulf island by Vancouver Island) which is probably why I love it so much. 
Photo Credit | Man Cakes Bakery
5. Mancakes 
So I suppose it could be said that most of the cupcake flavors available are pretty girly. Strawberry cream, caramel dolche latte, pink lady – they all are pretty feminine. Well gender neutral. To be honest, I never got the impression that men felt slighted by these lady-like cupcake flavors but Coquitlam-based “Man Cakes Bakery” feels differently and has introduced a line of cupcakes that are completely directed towards men. They are fabulous. So creative, so hilarious and so fabulous. My favorite flavor is Whiskey Lime (pictured above) but you can also treat your taste buds to flavors such as Rum and Coke, Buffalo Wing, King Kong, and Chocolate Chili Bacon. Mmm.

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