A Few of My Favorite Things

It’s a brand new year which means that it is now the portion of the year when I decide to kick-start myself into action and become crazy disciplined in every way. I am a huge fan of resolutions and always have been, despite the fact that I manage to keep few. Every year I map out virtually every section of my life – personal, professional, educational – and I write down the different areas in which I wish to improve as well as specific goals to take my vision of my perfect self and turn it into a reality. This year most of my goals center around building and advancing my career, but after the last few years I also really am going to strive for a balance of work and play. I am going to learn to work hard while also allowing myself to enjoy silence and taking a moment to breathe. I am to determined to learn more. Within the last year I have had the opportunity to meet and become close to some very interesting, goal-oriented, talented people and it made me realize just how many things there are in the world that I know nothing about (not to be such a cheese-ball) and how much there is to learn just by talking to people and travelling different places. I am determined to go to Europe this summer. If it kills me. If I have to smuggle myself on a flight or across the Atlantic.

On a more materialistic note, these are my favorite product discoveries of the New Year. These products have been around well before this year but I have only discovered them now. Jewelry and fragrances are my main vices. Gemma Redux‘s “Apocalypse” ring is the kind of bold and out there piece that my understated, classical self usually avoids. But I love it, with it’s hard, structural lines and stone reminiscent of an oil slick. Indiverve’s traditionally carved chandelier earrings are lovely in a different, subtly exotic way. The intricacy of the carvings really appeal to the part of me that is obsessed with the Titanic and all things “Belle Epoque”. With the harsh winter weather taking its toll on my skin I have found myself obsessed with face masks. Glam Glow’s mud mask and Organic Surge’s “First Class Mask” have been my two favorites thus far but I am looking forward to trying this Rose Face Mask by Fresh. Last but not least, Beige is my absolute favorite of all Chanel perfumes (even more so than Coco Noir, Cristalle eau Verte and No. 18). It’s not a complex fragrance with a simple composition of honey, freesia, frangipani and hawthorn. Light and airy yet intoxicatingly rich, Beige is a creamy floral with a light sweetness that is by no means overpowering. Being that it’s Chanel and from the oh-so-elusive “Les Exclusifs” collection, the price is on the steep side at a little over $160.00. One of these days when I am feeling saucy I will have to invest in a bottle of this magical stuff though.

I hope that all of you are enjoying your January so far and that you all have some plans for the next year that you are psyched about. I am definitely excited for the months ahead. Things are already crazy busy and I hope they get crazier.

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  Alicia

A Few of My Favorite Things | Indiverve Silver Carved Earrings, Gemma Redux Apocolypse Ring, Chanel Fragrances “Les Exclusifs” Beige, Fresh Rose Face Mask


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