" Happiness is perfume, you can’t pour it on somebody else without getting a few drops on yourself." – James Van Der Zee

I make no secrets of the fact that I am deeply obsessed with perfume. To a ridiculous degree. There is something about fragrance that has always intrigued me and that fascination has only grown with time. As someone with a collection of forty perfumes, I definitely do not need to be searching for more. Being that I do work for a perfumer, however, I am constantly coming across new scents of which I feel the need to add to my already extensive fragrance wardrobe (many of which are Ayala’s). We all have our vices however, as my addiction leaves me feeling happy and smelling delicious, I think there are worse ones out there to have.

” Happiness is perfume, you can’t pour it on somebody else without getting a few drops on yourself.” – James Van Der Zee

Razala is a stunning oriental perfume with soft white floral notes of orange blosson, tuberose and white magnolia mingling with spicier notes of pink pepper, saffron and myrrh. Normally when I think of oriental perfumes I think of thick, heavy animalic scents overloaded with sneeze-inducing spices and sugary vanilla.ย  This is definitely not the case with Razala (the Arabian version of the perfumer, Ayala’s name). The creamy florals and powdery ambergris really balance out and soften the richer spices,woods and resins, creating a final impression on me that is delicately floral and almost dessert like. There is no vanilla in this scent, but the orange blossom and ambergris seem to turn into that on my skin. I am not a gourmand girl for the most part- sugary scents so often smell cheap and synthetic – but the creamy richness of this scent is really delicious.ย 

Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Ambergris, Blood OrangeMyrrh, Orange Blossom Absolute, Pink Pepper Absolute Rose Otto (Turkey), Saffron, Tuberose Absolute White Magnolia,


From Ayala’s Liquid Poetry collection, New Orleans is truly one of my favorite perfumes of all time (not just of Ayala’s but in the world). I am often wary of perfumes that market themselves as being aquatic because more often than not they don’t smell oceanic at all and just smell citrusy or astringent. Ayala’s marine perfumes (New Orleans and Orcas) somehow are able to capture that elusive smell of salty sea-air in an authentic way. Bringing together woods, flowers and the smell of the ocean, New Orleans truly does capture the smells of the Louisiana coast and dries down to a scent that is woodsy and sweet (again the ambergris is something that seems to agree with my skin). The smell of the ocean is one of my favorite, most nostalgic smells and there is something so comforting about this scent. I truly love this beautiful fragrance and think its really one of Ayala’s masterpieces.

Notes: Amber, Ambergris, Vetiver HaitiTea Rose, Meyer Lemon, Mandarin Murcott Cedarmoss, Cypress, OsmanthusRosemary, Seaweed, Grapefruit, White Magnolia,

ย I came across Isolina a couple of years ago, when Fashion’s Night Out was happening in Vancouver (September of 2012) and absolutely fell in love with it. That summer was a great time for me. I had just finished my first year of the Fashion Marketing Program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and had begun writing for an online fashion magazine. Everything was very exciting, nerve-wracking and intense and this perfume really reminds me of that time when I was so passionate and excited. With violet leaves, rose and neroli, Isolina (meaning little island in Italian) has a very classically elegant, feminine floral smell at first, but unfolds into a subtly powdery,woodsy smell that is very natural and sexy. I ran out of my little bottle and definitely need to get a new one. It’s a very sophisticated summery scent.
Notes: Violet Leaves, Mimosa, Rose, Neroli, Heliotrope and Precious Woods.ย 
ย Marche aux Fleurs is a perfume that I was given to by a tour guide when I was sixteen and in France. I went to France with my French class (one of the most amazing experiences of my life) for a week and a half and we ended up visiting the Fragonard perfume museum. I ended up buying two perfumes while I was there: “Juste un Baiser” for me (Just a Kiss – a fruity cocktail loaded up with strawberry, blackberry, mandarin, vanilla and amber) and “Etoile” for my mom (meaning “Star” and with refreshing notes of apple, bergamot, ginger, lily of the valley, gardenia, amber and cedar) and was very excited about the fact that I had bought french perfume. Our travel guide at the time very sweetly gave all of the girls in our group small vials of Marche Aux Fleurs. I was younger and enjoyed sweet, fruity perfumes at the time but over the years I grew to appreciate this subtle, delicate floral bouquet more and more. Marche Aux Fleurs is meant to be reminiscent of Paris in the spring time and although I have never been to Paris during the spring, Marche aux Fleurs helps to me to fantasize about what it would be like until I eventually do get to go again.
Notes: Melon, Blackcurrant, Sweet Pea, Lily of the Valley, Peach, Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Musk.
ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Alicia


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