Homicidal Haute Couture | Heather Marks Stuns in "Dress to Kill"

ย “House of Style”
Publication | Dress to Kill
Photographer | Richard Bernardin
Model | Heather Marks
Stylist | Carey Tauben

With the effervescent spirit of the 1970s and all of the unapologetic sexiness and glamor that came with the era, this latest editorial for the Spring issue of “Dress to Kill” magazine features Canadian stunner Heather Marks looking positively decadent in the creme de la creme of couture (designs from the likes of Chanel, Gucci and Oscar de la Renta created this spread). Simply titled “House of Style”, the photos feature Heather languidly posing within a gorgeous, abandoned mansion, furnished entirely in white and gold. The composition of the photos may be simple (border-lining on lazy) but they convey and effortlessness that truly does complement the over-the-top luxuriousness of the styling and setting.

Styled by Carey Tauben, Heather channels Farrah Fawcett with tousled waves and an array of vibrant, psychedelic prints. With a juicy color palette ranging from fuschia, key-lime, tomato red, and lemon, to more subdued hues of teal, navy and beige – each look screams flamboyant optimism and confidence. Despite the luxuriousness of each look, there is still an ominous undertone to these photos. Whether it is the darker lighting and seemingly strategically placed shadows, or its the almost clinical whiteness of the setting – this spread manages to be simultaneously glamorous and artistically edgy.

Heather Marks is incredible in these photos and manages to create a sort of character within the stark setting and basic poses. My favorite photo of the spread was the one of her in the lemon yellow couture gown. Sprawled out on the steps, she looks up at the camera with a sexy look of irritation and mischief. I have only recently discovered Montreal-based magazine, “Dress to Kill” and I have to say, I have already started to fall in love with the magazines gorgeous editorials and product/designer features (some obscure, some renowned, but always unique – something that is hard to find in the often homogenized fashion industry). I can’t wait to see more from “Dress to Kill” and the ever-so-talented Miss Marks.

Photo Source | Fashion Gone Rogue
ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Alicia


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