What’s Up This Week – Divine With Love and Liinaloom

I feel like every single post I write, I begin with “I am so obsessed with” “I’m in love with” or “I am addicted to”. Apparently I’ve either lost the ability to write introductions or I have an incredibly addictive personality and can’t keep up with all of my materialistic, hedonistic, desires – hence the name of this blog. That being said, there are several items and venues that have caught my eye within the last week and I can’t help but share my excitement with whoever else other than myself that reads this.

With Love Divine
Created by my close friend, the oh-so talented, beautiful Alihandra Dubien, With Love Divine is a line of jewelry designed with a delicately feminine aesthetic and is perfect for everyday wear. Every piece is crafted out of top-quality materials – think sterling silver, crystals, reworked vintage pieces, and precious and semi-precious stones. The line is designed by Ally’s mom who has been making jewelry for years. Jewelry is a passion for both Ally and her mother and its clear by the craftsmanship of each and every piece. From an adorably quirky, hand-painted turtle pendant to a rose quartz earring and necklace set in support ofย  breast cancer awareness, every piece from With Love Divine is elegant, unique and very often one of a kind.

Liinaloom Vintage
I don’t want to toot my own horn too much but I will not lie to you – I have a pretty killer wardrobe, delightfully filled with beautiful vintage pieces from as old as the early 1900s. This is partly due to my love for thift-store/vintage scouring but is 80% because of Liinaloom vintage. The owner of the shop happens to be my best friend’s mom and she has the best
eye when it comes to thrift-store shopping and always has. Her eye is impeccable. Her eyes are highly trained, ocular assassins when it comes to finding absolute treasures amongst the tacky, polyester and nylon rubble that is the majority of thrift-stores out there. Etsy is full of vintage and up-cycled pieces but I truly, deeply mean it when I say Liinaloom offers some of the best. One of the store’s dresses was even featured in a recent music video (see below). The owner, Maritta’s incredible eye for detail, fabric quality and fit really separate Liinaloom’s pieces from the masses. From high-quality basics in luxurious fabrics to stunning formal-wear, accessories and home-furnishings – Liinaloom is a one-stop-shop for all things lovely, quirky and vintage.

My favorite. Maritta up-cycled these badboys herself. How cute would these be with a simple tank-top or black crop top? I would wear minimal accessories with these bold pants.Best accessorized with a baguette, a basket, and a bike (my French fantasy).
Are there any Etsy-based designers/boutiques that you love and think I should mention? Send me a message at alicia.arruda55@gmail.com and I will include your suggestions in my next feature.ย 
ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  Alicia

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