Quirky Valentines Day Gifts for Her

If you’re anything like me, you prefer to leave gift-shopping until the very last, possible second. Whether its the fear of getting the wrong gift, a busy schedule, or a knack for procrastination that leads one to put off shopping, the stress that comes with it is more than unpleasant and takes some of the joy out of an otherwise meaningful gift exchange.

ย With this in mind I have a compiled a list of five Valentines gift ideas for her, most from local, Vancouver-based companies. Hopefully this will help shorten some shopping trips for some ladies and gents between now and the fourteenth!

1)ย This Red-Hot Sexy Number

Photo Source | forloveandlemons.com
Sultry and luxurious, For Love and Lemons has an uncanny knack for creating skivvies that manage to be both provocative and pretty. Red is known for being a universally sexy color associated with lust and danger and flatters all skin colours. Aptly named “She’s a Knockout”, she has got us all hot and bothered.
Photo Source | etsy.com
When looking for hand-made gems that you will literally never be able to find anywhere else, look no further than Etsy. A treasure trove of quirky pieces and unusual gems, this online flea market is the ideal place to find one-of-a-kind pieces like this cozy cotton sweater. The sequined heart elbow patches are just kitschy enough and are romantic in a quirky way. The ideal slouchy sweater to pair with boyfriend jeans and some cute booties on a chilly February day.
Photo Source | ayalamoriel.com
There are few things more sexy or comforting than the smell of your loved one. Vancouver-based perfumer, author, and teacher, Ayala Moriel, has curated a list of her own all natural fragrances, all filled with ingredients that are scientifically proven aphrodisiacs (rose, chocolate, vanilla, musk, lavender). Perfume is a true luxury, and what better way to treat the one you love (or yourself) than with three pulse-quickening perfumes?
Photo Sources | mimiandmarge.com
When it comes to Valentines Day (or truly any day), one can never really go wrong with jewelry. Vancouver-based company, Mimi and Marge is a celebrity favorite, renowned for their ultra-simple, dainty, tongue in cheek designs. I love these itty-bitty arrow and heart and ย LO VE earring for any occasion, but they are especially sweet for Valentines Day, perhaps when one is at a loss for words.ย 
Photo Source | thomashaas.com
If I haven’t made it clear in the past, my chocolate addiction is very real, and every day is a good day for chocolate. Although there are plenty of chocolatiers out there, Thomas Haas’ selection of artisanal flavors (Earl Grey, Lemon Thyme, Passion Fruit and Tahitian Vanilla, and Stout and Malt are a few favorites), generous gift boxes and gorgeous packaging (think a hand-crafted hat box filled with the most decadent of truffles) make him a front runner in Vancouver’s chocolate scene.
ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  Alicia


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