A Little Saturday Inspo

A little bit of visual, artistic, and culinary inspiration to kick off your weekend.

1. This Gorgeous Cat-eye

Photo Source | babble.com
I am a sucker for a good cat eye. Precise, elegant, and sexy – its the eyeliner equivalent of my style mantra. A tricky look to get right, this four step guide keeps your cat-eye simple and flawless every time.

2. These Cute, Retro Cupcakes for the Oscars

Photo Source and Recipe | thecupcakedailyblog.com
Photo Source and Recipe | lifewiththecrustoff.com
Photo Source and Recipe | northdakotakitchen.net
These kitschy cupcakes are a throwback to Old Hollywood and are shockingly easy to make. The ideal accompaniment to home-made Shirley Temples and the Oscar festivities this Sunday.

3. This Fetching Leather DIY Clutch

Photo Source | homelife.com
These super-simple to make and gorgeous leather envelope clutches make great gifts and are an elegant accessory that one can create and recreate all year long. For a fraction of the price of the Erin Templeton pieces they mimic.

4. The Love-Child of Salvador Dali and Tim Burton

Photo Source | yatzer.com
An approach to art that Eckart Hahn calls “broken realism”, there is something inexplicably unsettling about Hahn’s work. The painting’s ominous colour palette and surreal themes make one feel both free and trapped in a world of Hahn’s creation. Dark, twisted and with a hint of optimism, these paintings are meant to reflect the conflicts and juxtaposing themes that are a part of every day life. Darkly beautiful and inspiring.

5. The Sweetest Spring Dress

Photo Source | freepeople.com
Bohemian and ethereal all at once, as Free People does so well, this bad-boy is definitely something that will need to be added to my wardrobe in the very near future. This gorgeous forget-me-not hue flatters literally all skin-tones and is a classically stunning colour for Spring.

6. This Quote

Close this blog and start writing.

Happy Saturday!


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