3 Rules and 10 Essentials for Effortless Elegance

10 Essentials for Effortless Elegance
When it comes to my approach to fashion, I am a big believer in versatility. While I occasionally find myself being drawn to trendy clothes and bold, statement pieces, I more often than not lean towards clothes that are classic, timeless and appropriate for many different occasions. A big reason for this is my lifestyle. I am basically a nomad and have been known to carry around extra clothes in my gigantic purse for the days when I don’t know where I am sleeping or if I will need to change later. If I can avoid this with pieces that are stylish but versatile, I always will even if this means dishing out a few extra dollars. Quality over quantity is my mantra and I believe that this strategic approach to shopping leads to a carefully curated wardrobe that is timeless and effortlessly elegant. In my opinion there’s nothing more beautiful than a look that is polished and put together without being overly styled. The three keys to creating a seamless, effortlessly chic wardrobe are simplicity, quality and versatility.
1) Simplicity –  Looking back at some of the most iconic, classic designs throughout fashion’s history – the little black dress, the wrap dress, straight-leg trousers – the one thing they all have in common is their simplicity. No excess embellishment or complicated detail, just clean and straightforward, superb design.
2) Quality – If you’re not prepared to pay for quality, be prepared to pay for cheap disposable fads because they are a hell of a lot more expensive. I used to have a terrible habit of buying cheap, trendy shoes with the idea that I couldn’t afford to splurge on a more expensive pair and that I always wrecked shoes anyways within two months so there would be no point in paying the extra money. After years of having to buy new shoes every couple of months (the fact that it took me years to learn this lesson is just sad) and spending hundreds of dollars on throw-away shoes, I realized that the reason I was wearing through them so quickly was because I was choosing to buy cheap garbage over and over again. The saying “you get what you pay for” is a saying because it’s true and there’s no way of getting around it. Save your time and your money by perhaps buying less but buying better.
3) Versatility – Versatility is not a sexy word. People rarely think or talk about versatile fashion because versatility has, in a way become synonymous with boring. This is a misconception that should be shaken. There is nothing more luxurious than versatility because versatility creates convenience and ease of dressing. One of my favorite articles of clothing is the adjustable jersey maxi-dress. There’s something incredibly satisfying about wearing a skirt as a dress or a dress as a skirt. Not only does it make packing light a lot easier (it’s a great go-to for vacations) but the slightly disheveled, “I just threw this on and left the house” look is pretty sexy. Crafting your wardrobe with the idea of each piece being more or less complementary with each other is helpful (not to say that everything has to go together, but if most of your pieces pair well together, this makes looking put together in a pinch super easy).
Aside from my three rules for effortlessly elegant dressing, I have curated a list of ten items that I feel are absolute essentials for every woman’s closet. Frankly put, if I was unable to shop for the rest of my life and could only have ten items to wear these would be the pieces that I would choose. Everyone’s style is different so perhaps your wardrobe staples are a little bit different than mine. That being said, each of these ten items when worn in conjunction with each other look chic and elegant.
1. Collared Button Down


30 CAD – le3no.com
2. Elegant Blazer


120 CAD – zalando.co.uk
3. Nude Ballet Flats


160 CAD – shopbop.com
4. Felted Fedora


185 CAD – net-a-porter.com
5. Slouchy White Tee


81 CAD – lagarconne.com
6. Adjustable Maxi Skirt


32 CAD – dailylook.com
7. Knitted Cardigan
100 CAD – modekungen.se
  8. Silk Maxi-Dress

9. Neutral Leather Tote


145 CAD – nordstrom.com
10. Light-weight Trench


1,385 CAD – net-a-porter.com

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