Tiny Tokens of Appreciation

Life is busy and the busier it gets the less time we take to let those we love know we value and appreciate them. While there are many ways to demonstrate love and appreciation (sometimes a simple phone call or lovingly worded text can mean the world), there is something that is so special about making something with your own hands to give to the one you love. Handmade gifts are so personal. You can customize what ever it is you are making to suit your recipients exact tastes and personality. Not only that, but it usually cheaper to make something than to buy a store bought gift. Here are a few DIY gift ideas. These little tokens are small but thoughtful, perfect as a present for a loved one or as a thank you gesture for a colleague or friendly acquaintance.

1) Hand-made Bath Treats
Photo Source | bathbombfizzies.com
Photo Source | pauladeen.com
I am a total bath junkie. There’s nothing more relaxing then slipping your tense and aching muscles into steamy and fragrant hot water. These simple bath bomb and scrub recipes will definitely enhance anyone’s bath time ritual. It’s a great treat to give someone to let them know you care about them and want to help them unwind and get rid of stress.
2) Custom Tea
Photo Source | designsponge.com

When it comes to me and my mom, our philosophy is that tea is pretty much the solution for any and everything. Whether you’ve had a bad day at work or are still shaking from a heated argument, nothing is quite as bad with a soothing cup of tea in hand. While there are so many different varieties of tea, it is a fun and creative experience to blend your own.You can also tailor the tea to different occasions. For example, your best friend is getting married – a delicate white tea with dried vanilla pods, rose petals, cocoa nibs and cinnamon. Your sister just lost her job – a soothing blend of chamomile flowers, lavender, dried coconut and mint. The sky is the limit and the thought will be very much appreciated. Keep calm and drink tea.

3) Herb-Infused Salts
Photo Source | sugarandcharm.com
Photo Source | princesstofu.com
When it comes to food, it’s the little details that really take a Β meal from standard blah to incredible. Herb infused salt is a really easy and unique way to add flavor and visual interest to a dish. It also makes a great gift to give the hostess when attending a dinner party. It takes no time to prepare and you can make all kinds of flavors, from sweet to savory.
Please let me know in the comments if you have any other DIY ideas that I should know about or post about (with a credit of course!). Happy craft-time!



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