Coming up Roses

A shameless girly-girl, there is nothing I love better than a fresh, fragrant bunch of flowers. If there is anyway that I can incorporate flowers into my life, whether it’s with my tea, in my food, with my beauty products, or simply with a classic floral arrangement, I am all about it (my birthday cake last year was even flavored with rosewater – my family made fun of it but my boyfriend surprisingly really enjoyed the quaint, floral flavor). Lately I have noticed roses becoming a pretty big trend in everything from food to fragrance. In many ways this isn’t anything new. Roses have been used for their fragrant, beautifying and even medicinal properties for centuries. That being said, they have been especially prevalent on my radar the last month or so, and I couldn’t be more delighted. Roses have a way of lending a sense of romance and indulgence to any occasion. Incorporating roses into your daily routine with something as simple as a spritz of perfume or a cup or rosy tea will help make the most mundane of days seem special and enhanced.

1. Rose Chai Cake

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I am not going to lie to you and tell you that this cake is simple to make, but I will tell you that it is delicious and beautiful to boot. Undeniably worth the time and effort it takes to birth this bad boy. I love the idea of infusing tea into my baking and made some pumpkin spice chai sugar cookies a few months ago that were absolutely delicious (and am set on making some lavender earl grey infused cupcakes soon). The spicy but delicate combination of chai, rose and berries is unusual, beautiful and surprisingly light.
2. “Promenade in the Garden” by Martin MargielaΒ 
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With voluptuous Turkish rose, earthy patchouli and airy woods, this concoction from Martin Margiela’s REPLICA fragrance collection instantly takes me back to the trip I took to Paris when I was sixteen years old. There is a smell that Paris has in the springtime that I cannot put into words, but is captured perfectly with this olfactory sonnet.
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This may be one of the most stunning teas I have ever come across, both visually and in terms of flavor. I love the flavor of roses and have an arsenal of rose scented teas in my cupboard (Vancouver perfumer Ayala Moriel’s “Roses et Chocolat” black tea is another indescribable favorite of mine) That being said, Vanilla Rose is unlike any other tea I have tasted. Creamy with golden raisins and heaps of vanilla, there is a vaguely exotic taste to this tea. Perhaps it’s the combination of rose and cinnamon. Whatever the magic formula is that is Vanilla Rose, its a decadent tea for any occasion but is especially nice when made into your morning latte. It’s also a great gift for mom as well.

Any rosy products or recipes that you are particularly enjoying? I am a big fan of anything floral and would love to know your favorites.



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