Fragrance Friday: Principessa Belloccia

Company | Principessa Beauty
Name of Fragrance | Belloccia
Top | peach, vanilla flower
Heart | jasmine, ylang ylang
Base | sandalwood, amber
Let me start off by saying I am usually not a big fan of sweet scents and for this reason, Belloccia took a little while to grow on me. With notes of peach, creamy vanilla and warm amber, this   perfume is overtly feminine and immediately evokes light-hearted thoughts of sticky fairground cotton candy, decadent creme brûlée or sweet raspberry macaroons lying daintily on a silver filigree tray. In other words, this perfume smells like dessert. Despite it’s obvious gourmand personality, Belloccia is not childish or artificial like most of the other gourmand perfumes out there. Perhaps it’s the spicy amber or floral heart that balances out all the sugar and vanilla, but Bolloccia is undeniably sensual and surprisingly sophisticated. Named after the Italian word for pink, Belloccia is a diva, strong and seductive. I think this is what took some getting used to at first (I am typically drawn to more earthy chypres or sheer florals like another Principessa treasure, Isolina). A few drops on one’s pulse points are all that’s needed to make a warm and sexy impression.Xoxo,


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