A Little Saturday Inspo

Although my life tends to be nonstop with my day planner over-packed always, this week has felt particularly busy. The theme of my thoughts has been work-life balance. Is it a thing that exists and how can I force it between the non existent crevices of my air-tight schedule? On average I work six days a week, something I by no means am complaining about. I love working. I love being busy and too much time alone with my thoughts can only lead to mental chaos, restlessness and crazy ideas (not the good kind). Nonetheless, I have come to realize how important it is to make work-life balance a weekly consideration. I have always felt like carving out free time instead of piling on more work was like admitting defeat. And I work in an industry and society where many people think that way as well. If you aren’t working overtime at least 6 days a week, then you clearly aren’t driven enough, hungry enough and don’t want whatever it is that you are working towards enough. I used to feel that way about myself but I don’t anymore.

My dad, one of the most dedicated, driven, hardworking people I know, has always expressed to me the importance of work-life balance (even though it is not something that he has always taken into consideration) and how a lack of it can lead to mental exhaustion and burn-out. “It’s better to burn steady and slowly over a long period of time than to be like a firework show, brilliant and then over in a second”. It has been a difficult lesson for me to learn but I strongly believe it to be true. Moving forward, my own personal goal is to make work-life balance and true relaxation a priority. I want to be in the moment in everything that I am doing. When I am working, I want to be working hard and passionately. When I am having some free time and enjoying life, I want to totally revel in it and saturate myself in those moments. I no longer want to apologize for forcing my personal happiness and success to be as much of a priority as my professional goals, and I no longer want to ask anyone for confirmation that the choices I make are the right ones.

With this in mind, I hope you all enjoy your Saturday! Whether you are off today and free to do as you please, or working hard in the office, remember that there is nothing at all wrong with doing something this week, not because you have to, or because it will move you forward at work, but simply because you want to and it will bring you joy. I have curated a list of five things that have inspired, many of which have helped contribute to my personal happiness and relaxation this week.

1.ย Floating away

Photo Source | www.blog.bufferapp.comย 

I will be honest. When I first heard of sensory deprivation or “floating”, I thought it was a bunch of new-age, hippie fluff, and I doubted that floating in extra salty water in a pitch black pod would be able to bring me true relaxation, let alone be able to reduce pain, ease depression, eliminate migraines or turbo-boost my creativity (allegedly some people have created entire novels in their head during float sessions because of how heightened their thought processes were without having your physical senses engaged). I went into the experience excited but with a ton of doubt and left so drowsy and so fully relaxed that I made a second appointment for tomorrow. While it’s a bit unnerving at first floating in darkness, there is also something enately comforting about being alone in a warm dark space. I haven’t felt so deeply calm or free from stress since I was a child. While I can see floating being disliked by people who are claustrophobic, I absolutely loved it and cannot recommend it enough to anyone who is thinking of trying it. I am going to get a monthly pass for sure.

2. Relaxed Skinny Jeans from Dish Performance Denim

Photo Source | www.dishjeans.com

I have a bit of an obsession with boyfriend jeans. Seriously. I have at least 4 or 5 pairs. I have a weakness for stonewashed, baggy, distressed denim and I couldn’t tell you why as it doesn’t really fit with my otherwise very feminine, girly and classic sense of style. I have recently come across Dish Performance Jeans (for those who may still remember, Dish was a huge denim brand in the early 2000s) which boast a selection of technologically advanced denim. With temperature management capabilities (due to extra fast moisture transportation within the fabric’s fibers, Dish jeans keep you warm when it’s cold out and cool when it’s hot out) , moisture wicking, and anti-bacterial properties, there is nothing like Dish out in the denim market right now. Although I am hardly lacking in the boyfriend jeans department, I love the fit of these relaxed skinny jeans. They are just skinny enough that they are figure flattering but are loose enough that they give off that effortless, slightly undone look that I love so much. Throw in the fact that I can comfortably engage in extreme sports while wearing these bad boys (cross-fit, biking, motorcycle riding, rock-climbing – you name it, these jeans were crafted to withstand it and adapt to those situations) and I would have to say that I have found the crowning jewel of my denim collection.

3.ย Flour-less but Indulgent Lemon Cookies

Photo Source and Recipe | www.mywholefoodlife.com
Ever since gluten-free diets have been more and more publicized and trendy within the food industry and blogosphere (and I should clarify that by referring to these diets as trendy, I am in no way making light of celiac disease or people who genuinely need to avoid gluten), there has been an influx of sources for delicious flour-free, gluten-free recipes. This one is a favorite of mine. They are just as easy to make as cookies with flour and have a flavor that is light, airy and natural (I hate the taste of artificial lemon). A quick and easy treat to whip up for your gluten-free friends or coworkers. It’s also a great dessert to bring to parties and dinners because you won’t have to worry that gluten-free guests will be unable to eat it.

4.ย The French 75 Reinvented

Photo Source |ย www.camillestyles.com

The French 75 is hands down my favorite cocktail. I am normally a wine girl but I will occasionally gravitate towards a good gin and tonic, Ceaser or this delightful drink if I am at a fancy enough place. I always get it with gin as I am not a fan of brandy. I don’t know why it has never occurred to me to make it at home. With gin, simple syrup (or fine sugar), lemon juice, and lavender extract, it’s an easy enough recipe, albeit special enough for the most elegant of occasions (I would use sparkling wine for a casual after-work cocktail and champagne for more celebratory events). Word on the street (or internet) was that the French 75 was the drink that Johnny Depp bought Kate Moss back when she was his squeeze and they were the chicest couple to ever grace the musty soil of this earth.

5. Festival-Ready Suede Komono from Mink Pink

Photo Source | www.minkpink.com

I saw this suede komono from Mink Pink and instantly fell in love. Whimsically named the “Lackawanna Blues” komono (perhaps named after the play created by Ruben Santiago Hudson), this piece is trendier than what I normally go for (I’m much more Rita Hayworth than Rita Ora) but the buttery soft suede, warm caramel hue and eyelet laser cut-outs seduced me into adding this to my summer wardrobe. It’s a great piece to throw on for those breezy summer evenings or to add some festival-inspired flare to an otherwise basic ensemble.



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