3 Gemma Redux Inspired DIYs


Rachel Dooley of Gemma Redux is one of my all time favorite jewelry designers. There is something about her approach to design that I love and am so inspired by. Raw gemstones, roughly cut crystals, tangled chains and unexpected colour combinations and themes set Dooley apart in an industry that is filled with an endless supply of sameness and cookie-cutter concepts. Having obtained a degree in mechanical engineering and material science, her passion for science, nature and mechanical construction entwine together when it comes to the otherwordly, bohemian line that is Gemma Redux and is uniquely evident in Dooley’s approach to design and her aesthetic.

Although I adore her pieces and believe they are more than worth the splurge (crafted out of precious stones and metals, they are truly wearable pieces of art), I also enjoy taking on DIY projects that allow me to get the look of something expensive for less, while giving myself the option to take creative liberties. Here are three jewelry DIYs (from a few of my favorite DIY websites) that are reminiscent of iconic Gemma Redux designs.

1. Draped Chain Necklace

It was the tangled, drapey necklaces dripping with stones and crystals that first led me to fall in love with Gemma Redux. This necklace is surprisingly easy to make and is the perfect statement necklace to pair with either a plain, little black or white dress or to add some boho-esque style to a basic t-shirt and jeans ensemble.

2. Blue Stone Bracelet

Photo Source |www.fallfordiy.com

Photo Source |www.fallfordiy.com

Lapis lazuli is one of my favorite semi-precious stones and is used constantly in the Gemma Redux line. A similar look can be created with faux blue stones, or if you are feeling a little more luxurious, most bead stores will have a selection of true lapis beads.

3. Trapeze Earrings

A fun twist on the classic chandelier earrings, these angular, structured earrings will add a little bit of tribal flare to your summer wardrobe. I would use brightly coloured beads, like tangerine, lemon, cobalt or coral like the beads that are pictured here.

Have any thoughts or favorite jewelry DIYs I should know about? Feel free to let me know in the comments.




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