Kelsi Dagger Summer Essentials

KDB summer essentials

After searching for a long time for a classic black leather bag, I found the incredibly sleek, structured Northside Crossbody bag by New York based accessories label, Kelsi Dagger. While a simple black handbag sounds like it would be easy to find, the minimalistic, high quality bag I had in my head was surprisingly hard to come by. With just the right amount of space for all of my essentials (it is time to retire my clunky, diaper bag sized purses) and a timeless design, I fell in love with this bag, (and the Kelsi Dagger brand) knowing that it was the kind of superb quality, classic bag that would last me years and years, perhaps decades.

After doing some digging on the Kelsi Dagger website, I found a few pieces that I knew I would have to add to my summer wardrobe. These pieces are on trend while still having an element of timeless elegance (true to my style). Here are my summer essentials from Kelsi Dagger.

1. Northside Crossbody Bag


Utterly chic in it’s simplicity, this bag is crafted out of glossy, premium leather and is the kind of bag that one can wear day in and day out, regardless of the season or occasion.

2. Tara Sandals


The Tara sandals are extremely comfy and stylish in an unusual way. A cross between a great peeptoe bootie and a pair of gladiator sandals, these come in a buttery camel shade as well but there is something about the inky black leather and structural design that appeals to me. A great pair to slip on with everything from a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to a summery dress or romper.

3. Reena Vachetta Clogs


Until I laid my eyes on the exquisite Reena’s, I had never been inclined to buy a pair of wooden clogs. There was something about the design that I felt was a bit costumey and trendy. The Reena’s are a little bit more understated in their design and while they definitely reference traditional Swedish clogs, they are a little more contemporary and streamlined while still creating a subtle statement. They also come in black but I adore this creamy shade of fawn. Pair with a fitted blouse and culottes for a Parisian inspired look.

Happy Monday!




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