Saturday Inspiration


Here are a few things that have me inspired this week, from fashion to food.

1. The Hommage a Claude Monet Collection from Freywille

Freywille’s “Hommage a Monet” collection is truly one of the most beautiful jewelry collections that I have seen in a very long time. Paying reference to one of the greatest painters of history, some of Claude Monet’s most famous paintings are delicately repainted onto canvases of brass, gold and silver. When it comes to history-acclaimed painters, Monet has always been one of my favorites. There is something about his work that I find very soothing and although it’s unlikely that I will ever own a true Monet painting, wearing his work on my wrist and neck is almost as satisfying.

2. This Lemon Yellow Crochet Delight

The epitome of bohemian chic, Anna Kosturova is a Vancouver-based designer with a penchant for creating intricately detailed, luxurious crochet swimsuits and hand-dyed silk apparel. I became aware of her designs several years ago and have kept an eye on her work ever since. Season after season she delivers carefully curated collections of beach-ready works of art. This season I fell in love with the “Flashback” crochet bikini. The vivid chartreuse hue is a lot bolder than the blues, violets, and blacks that I normally opt for but I felt like the cheerful colour encapsulates the happy-go-lucky feel of summer.

3. These Pretty, Boozy Popsicles

Photo Source and Recipe |

Photo Source and Recipe |

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to call over my two best friends, make some sangria and chat on the patio. Because we live in different cities, our work schedules rarely allow us to get together so when we do spend time together our activity of choice is to sit, eat, drink and talk, talk, talk. I love the idea of making these refreshing sangria popsicles and getting creative with the flavors (my favorite sangria is still white wine with peach, blueberry and mint). It’s also a fun, sneaky way to enjoy some sangria on the beach.

4. Delicious Looking (and Healthy) Zucchini “Pasta” with Avocado Basil Cream

Using a spiralizer to turn vegetables into noodle-like strands is a really clever way to enjoy “pasta” while increasing your veggie intake, reducing calories and eliminating preservatives. With a creamy avocado, basil “Alfredo sauce, it’s a refreshing, health conscious meal that feels decadent and a light and refreshing dinner choice for hot summer days.

5. Wise Words from Ernest Hemingway

I recently finished reading Mrs. Hemingway by Naomi Wood and ever since I have been absolutely fascinated by Ernest Hemingway, his revolutionary writing and his colourful, but ultimately tragic life. I was particularly inspired by this quote because I think it reminds us that comparing ourselves to others in a negative way is detrimental and doesn’t help us get anywhere or achieve anythingย (that being said, a little bit of healthy competition can make us more productive and self aware). I think reminding ourselves to reflect on ourselves and not chase the lives of others is an important part of ultimately achieving what we want and becoming the best versions of ourselves instead of a weaker copy of someone else.




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