Fragrance Friday | Elizabeth and James Nirvana White


Company | Elizabeth and James

Name of Fragrance | Nirvana White

Notes | peony, lily of the valley, musk

I have to say I have wanted to try out Nirvana White by Elizabeth and James for a really long time but haven’t been able to get around to trying it until a few days ago. Nirvana White is one of two complementary fragrances that were released together. Nirvana Black is the darker, sweeter, sexier counterpart to the clean, simple floral fragrance that is Nirvana White. With only three notes: peony, lily of the valley, and musk, I feel that Nirvana White completely evokes the innocent, sweetly feminine vibe that I think the brand was trying to achieve with this fragrance. Everything about this fragrance smells very classic to me. Its timeless, elegant and very pleasant without being particularly showstopping or unique. What I like about this fragrance is that it is so simple. With only three notes, you really feel that you can smell the peony and the lily of the valley without the musk or any other abstract florals taking over. Its not heavy or very perfumey like so many floral fragrances can be and that’s what I enjoy about this one. Its like a walk through a spring garden on a sunny day. A great fragrance for every day or for a special occasion, Nirvana White is like a gleaming strand of white pearls – its always beautiful and never goes out of style.

I will let you know my thoughts on Nirvana Black next Friday but until then, did any of you try Nirvana White and if so, what was your take on it? Let me know in the comments!


Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Alicia


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