Ivory Elegance


Monochromatic fashion seems to be growing as a trend since its heyday in the late nineties, early 000’s bubblegum pop scene (flashback to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s infamous matching denim dress and suit combination at the 2001 American Music Awards). This is not a trend that everyone will want to adhere to as the risk of looking tacky, outdated and costumey is high. In order to make this look work it is imperative that it is given a modern update.

All black ensembles are always considered to be stylish and modern, albeit a little bit boring. When it comes to wearing a monochromatic look, I prefer to eschew black, denim on denim or head to toe patterns. I avoid anything that is too loud or bold. One of my favorite looks is to wear a mix of pure white, ivory, cream, beige, and off white. It’s clean, effortlessly chic and gives off an air of immaculate elegance even if the silhouette is slouchy and grungy (think a white slouchy tee and distressed white jeans). The only drawback to wearing an all white outfit is that you will have to be extra diligent to avoid stains (which, on an all white canvas will be difficult to hide). I keep a tide to go in my purse for this exact reason.

Whether or not you choose to embrace monochrome or leave it to the boy bands and pop artists of decades past, the key is to create variety, texture and dimension with a mix of different fabrics and details even if the colours are the same head to toe. For example, pair your white lace blouse with a ivory linen blazer and cream silk pants. By switching up the textures and subtly differing in the shades of the colour you are wearing, it keeps the look dynamic and interesting as opposed to uniform-like and outdated. Here are some examples of ladies who are doing the monochrome thing right and who look effortlessly elegant in all white.

Photo Source | www.vogue.mx

Photo Source | http://www.vogue.mx

Photo Source | www.elle.com

Photo Source | http://www.elle.com




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