The List


Every summer around late July, early August I find myself yearning for Autumn. This has especially been the case the last few weeks. As the temperature continues to rise, I can’t help but dream about brisk sunny days, crispy, sunset colored leaves, and cozy Fall clothes. I am regularly adding to my already extensive wardrobe but as I try to reduce clutter I am trying to approach shopping in a targeted way, searching for and buying what I need (and the odd thing that I don’t need but desperately want). As a little girl I used to love shopping with my mom. She would make a list and together we would head to the grocery store or mall. For me there has always been something satisfying about crossing things off lists. Whether its a “to-do” list or a shopping list, having a tangible, visual representation of getting things done has always brought me satisfaction.

With this in mind I have curated a list of things that I need (and want) for the upcoming season.This list is a kind of fantasy with pieces from some of my favorite couture houses. It’s a dream shopping list if money were no object but with a focus on pieces that I actually need such as a sultry and simplistic silk slip dress and flawlessly cut leather cardigan. When it comes to my personal style I want to focus on creating an arsenal of exquisitely made classics. Items that are timeless and that will always look elegant and polished regardless of the place or occasion.

1// Byredo Burning Rose Candle

2// YSL Rouge Pur Couture Pure Colour Lipstick

3// Bow Sterling Silver Ring

4// Alice + Olivia V-Neck Slip Dress

5// Raw + Open Trench Bark Taupe Leather Coat with a Belt

6// Topshop ROSCHA High Heel Sandals




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