October Beauty Picks


I am always on the hunt for new beauty products and this month I found a few that I really love. From caffeinated eye creams and fruity peels that keep my complexion bright and radiant to a lipstick that makes me feel like Greta Garbo, here are my top five beauty picks for this October.

1.ย 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

I have always been a bit of a night owl. I am not a morning person and as far as I am concerned, any time before 11 am is ungodly. I come alive at night time and that comes with a price and that price comes in the form of dark circles and puffy eyes. I have always just resorted to using an industrial strength concealer to cover up my under eye bags and while I had considered using an eye cream, I had my doubts about their effectiveness. When I got this caffeinated eye cream in my October Birchbox, I was skeptical but introduced it into my night time and morning skin care ritual. While it did not provide immediate results, over the course of a few days I began to notice the discoloration around my eyes lighten and my eyes began to look brighter and more awake. With all natural, organic ingredients such as aloe, rosehip oil, coffee and green tea, this product is not only very effective but it is gentle and rich in antioxidants and nutrients for the skin.

2.ย Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive

Of all of the steps in my skincare routine, I am particularly diligent about exfoliating. Exfoliating not only removes dead skin, oil, dirt and debris from the surface of your skin but it improves circulation and enhances the effectiveness of other products. Because my skin is so sensitive, I am careful about the scrubs and peels that I use. Mechanical scrubs (those that physically polish away dead skin) can be a bit harsh for my skin, making my complexion ruddy and dry. This gentle peel uses fruit enzymes, hydroxy acids and raw sugar cane to break down dead skin cells and oil. Its also very easy to use. I simply spread a thin layer over my face like a mask, allow it to dry for ten minutes and then wash off. It’s a great way to brighten up my complexion at the start of my day.

3.ย Harvey Prince Hello Body Cream

Its rare that I rave about a body cream but I truly cannot say enough good things about this sweetly scented moisturizer. Thick and luxurious, this rich cream is jam-packed with hydrating shea butter and olive,almond and coconut oil. Its uplifting citrus fragrance comes from naturally derived mandarin and lemon extracts and leaves my skin feeling supple and deeply hydrated. I keep a little tube of this in my purse at all times, especially as the weather gets cooler, to ward off chapped, wind-burnt skin.

4.ย Eyeko Black Magic Mascaraย 

I enjoy wearing makeup and it is rare that I leave my house without at least a touch on my face to keep myself looking polished, awake and fresh. Mascara, however is an absolute essential. I usually don’t stray from my favorite tube, every now and then I will test a different brand to see if I can find anything that can top it. ย This gem from Eyeko has become another mainstay in my makeup bag. When it comes to a good mascara, its all about the brush. This thick curved wand lifts and coats every one of my eyelashes creating a thick fringe and wide eyed effect. Enriched with conditioning shea butter and keratin, the formula is flexible and doesn’t flake (my biggest pet peeve). Its also easy to wash off – a warm wash cloth and coconut oil does the trick. I like my mascara to give me both length and volume and this nourishing formula delivers on both.

5.ย Loreal Colour Riche Collection in Liya’s Red

A true lipstick junkie, there is nothing I love better than a classic red lip. Bold yet elegant, a ruby red pout evokes images of old Hollywood sirens and retro glamour. As I wear lipstick everyday, I need a formula that not only lasts, but also hydrates (flaky, red lips are not a good look). This creamy formula keeps my lips smooth and moisturized. While it doesn’t last all day, I only have to reapply a couple of times. Inspired by the stunning triple threat Liya Kebede (this powerhouse beauty wears many hats and works as a model, actress and designer), this rich, crimson hue emulates her elegant, almost regal style and beauty. While its a beautiful shade for evening, I wear it any time that I want to feel a little more glamorous.




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