Minimalist Chic


Over the years my style has evolved quite drastically. In my early teens I was bold with my fashion choices, choosing bright colours, garish prints and extremely trendy pieces that emulated the look of my style icons of the time – Britney Spears, Raven Simone (I was obsessed with the Family Channel comedy “That’s So Raven”), Hilary Duff and the Olsen twins. It was the early 2000s (enough said?) and so I would commonly wear ballet slippers (not flats – actual ballet slippers for ballet dancing) as shoes, my dad’s ties as belts and camouflage patches glued to my DIY ripped denim. It was bleak. During my high school years I eschewed style all together and lived in skinny jeans, hoodies and fitted tees. At the time I was working hard to get my application prepared for the Fashion Marketing program at Kwantlen and friends who I told this to were shocked that I had any interest in fashion at all, based on my appearance. Flash-forward six years later and I would describe my style today as being fairly classic, feminine and simple with an attention to fit and an understated sense of luxury. I like luxurious textures (silk, soft jerseys like modal, tencel and cotton, velvet and lace) and my colour palette of choice tends to range from silky neutrals (taupe, dove grey, camel) to jewel tones (amethyst, ruby and cobalt are my favorites). I have way too many clothes as is and am in the process of cleaning out my wardrobe and donating the pieces that I rarely wear in order to make room for the items that I actually need (and want). Here are a few holes in my wardrobe that I will be filling soon.

1// Gemma Redux – Oversized Pac-Man Earrings

2// TOPSHOP – Leather Biker Jacket

3// Erin Templeton – Sunday Best Black and Nude Cross Body Bag

4// Joseph – Cashmere Cape

5// Frame Denim – Le Color Ripped Skinny Jeans in Black

6// Komono – Estelle Classic Watch in Rose Gold and Tan Leather

7// Loreal Collection Exclusive Lipstick in Laetitia Red

8// Sol Sana – Louie BootΒ 




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