Five Parties, Five Dresses


While I do enjoy the holiday season, it is a overwhelmingly busy time, rife with last minute shopping trips, endless to-dos, and a calendar stuffed with office parties, family dinners and Christmas parties. Truly, December is an anxiety ridden blur of Bing Crosby music, claymation movies and LED lights. Festivity and holiday cheer is all well and good, but what happens when the taste of eggnog makes you want to dry heave and the sight of yet another Christmas party invitation makes you go into a cold sweat? If you are me, you buy yourself something exquisite to wear to said Christmas party. While this particular coping strategy could eventually become a bit expensive if you have a lot of festive friends and a lot of events to go to, it is a lot more fun than meditation. Its a lot easier getting into the holiday spirit when you are in a dress to die for. Forget the tree, come December, I prefer to decorate me. Whether you are attending a dreary “holiday” (with an emphasis on utter political correctness) office party or an upscale, black-tie affair, here are five stunning dresses for every type of soiree.

  1. Downtown Soiree – BB Dakota “Sabrina” Dress

I always say that I should have been living during the 1920s, if only for the glitzy, flapper-girl dresses. This sequined , black and silver stunner has a delicate scalloped hemline and a pattern reminiscent of frozen water. It’s a-line silhouette is flattering on nearly every type of figure. Simple yet glamorous, BB Dakota’s “Sabrina” dress is perfect for a night out in the city or a romantic dinner.

2. Office Party Elegance – Maggy London Illusion Yoke Crepe Sheath Dress

For some reason, as soon as the word “office” is mentioned in regards to clothing, everyone seems to assume that professional should be synonymous with boring. Eschew the traditional, drab office look and channel Mad Man’s Joan Holloway with this siren of a LBD. Curve hugging yet conservative, this sexy number shows but a suggestion of decolletage with a sheer swath of silk over the neckline and a sultry little v at the back. Sexy yet elegant, this dress oozes “promote me now” confidence.

3. Flirty and Festive – Free People “Reign Over Me” Dress in “Fawn”

When it comes to dressing to attract the opposite sex, I am a firm believer that sometimes what one doesn’t see is more alluring then what is blatantly displayed. Whether its a strategically placed cut out, a plunging back or a suggestion of lace underneath sheer silk, a little bit of mystery is always alluring. This lacy gem from Free People is utterly feminine and romantic with full (yet sheer) sleeves and a buttoned bodice that reminds me of something that Sophia Myles would have worn in Tristan and Isolde. At under $200 this dress won’t break the bank, but it will break hearts.

4. Dance Night Decadence – Missguided Sequin Halter Neck Jumpsuit

No one wants to have to spend their night pulling down their skirt when they are trying to get their freak on in the club. As pretty as your delicates may be, nothing says I’ve gone from buzzed to blitzed like a wardrobe malfunction on the dance floor. With this glitzy, 70’s inspired romper, you can put your thing down, flip it and reverse it without fear and look bomb as hell doing it.

5. Black Tie Beauty – Gentle Fawn “Adore” Maxi Dress

Now for the pièce de résistance, this maxi dress, from Vancouver jewel, Gentle Fawn, is so unbelievably stunning, it actually hurts. With a plunging back and ornate, embroidered overlay, this dress has a vintage, Edwardian feel that is gorgeous. It would be right at home on the red carpet, or on Kate Winslet in Titanic. The inky black lace has an almost gothic beauty. Even if I don’t have any formal affairs on the horizon, this dress is so divine, I think I would buy it even if I only could wear it around the house. Hell, I would wear it to the grocery store.

Happy holidays! Whether you feel like Cindy Lou or Scrooge this season, everything is always better when you’re dressed to kill.





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