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Nail Art Inspiration

It really is amazing what people can do with nails. Nail art has gone beyond polish and cheesy decals and has become a form of art and personal expression that is truly beautiful and creative. Normally I tend to lean towards classic manicures (think french or square cut with a high-shine top coat) in soft, neutral colours (nude, pale pink, opalescent mauve). But after a recent trip to Bling Nail Salon in Vancouver, I found myself entranced by the many trends and nail art possibilities. From earthy marble nails to crystal encrusted french tips, here are a few of my favorite nail trends.

French with a Twist

french nails with swarovski crystals

Photo Source | Bling Nail Studio

pointed ombre french nails

Photo Source | buzznet

A fierce twist on my favorite manicure, the always elegant french manicure is given a couture-esque update with pointed tips, ombre effects and luxe swarovski crystals. This look is still as chic as a classic french manicure but is a little more dramatic and glamorous.

Marble and Quartz

grey marble nails

Photo Source |

turquoise marble nails

Photo Source | Glam Radar

As a lover of jewelry and precious stones, I can’t think of anything more fun then transforming my nails into my favorite gems. The marble look is tricky. If you choose an unflattering colour combination or the slightest mistake is made, they tend to look dirty and bizarre rather than like clean and minimalistic marble. Take this look to the next level with colours and metallic polishes to mimic other stones. If done right, the marble look is utterly stunning and totally insta-worthy.

Matte Pastel

matte lilac nails

Photo Source | playbuzz

pale matte mint nails

Photo Source | Beauty Hihi

I am a sucker for pastels. In fact as I type this, my nails are a powdery shade of baby blue. Pastels are girly, fun, and light enough that they don’t clash as garishly when worn with other colours. Soft lilac, mint green, cotton candy pink are given an edgy update when painted over with a matte top coat. I love the sophistication that a matte coat gives to youthful, candy-like nails. It’s a perfect look for spring and brightens up a gloomy winter day as well.

Navy and Gold Graphics

navy and gold graphic nails

Photo Source | Beauty Tidbits

navy and gold single striped nails

Photo Source | Buzzfeed

Classic navy nails are always elegant but are given a regal update with opulent gold graphics. Luxurious and simple, this look reminds me of plates that were found in the wreck of the Titanic (I am obsessed with everything related to the Titanic).Β This is a timeless look that surprisingly pairs well with everything.

Shimmering Opalescent

opalescent rainbow nails

Photo Source |

opal nails

Photo Source | Beauty Hihi

Opals are one of my favorite gemstones (opals, aquamarines and peridots). Fossilized water, they are beautiful in a mesmerizing, ethereal way. A moment in time captured forever, opals are as fascinating as they are stunning. This is a look that I personally haven’t yet been able to recreate on my own (a little more practice and youtube video viewing!). Complex yet elegant, I love this soft and eclectic look.

Floral Decals

navy daisy nails

Photo Source | Style Caster

lavender and white floral nails

Photo Source | We Heart It

I have to admit, I am pretty well done with winter. As the holidays are over and there is no snow, the grey skies, chilly weather and dark days have left me feeling gloomy and stagnant. Winter has lost its charm and I am ready for spring-time. I am ready for the smell of wet, cut grass, damp, fresh blooms and warm rain on pavement. I am ready for sunshine, longer days and cool, cathartic walks through the trees. Unfortunately, we are not even half way through January and so I am going to have to channel my own spring until then. Floral printed nails and joyful daisy patterns are a simple and fun way to brighten up these dreary winter days. Delicate painted roses, dainty lavender sprigs and boisterous daffodil decals will have to do for now.

Are there any nail art trends that you are loving right now? Please share in the comments! I am always looking for new ideas.




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