March Playlist | Cheesy and Catchy

There’s something about the arrival of spring that naturally makes one feel uplifted. It’s not just the sunny, warm weather, the longer days or the ability to go outside without needing a parka and blanket scarf (although I do love blanket scarfs). There’s something in the air, both figuratively and literally (the smell of dewy grass and budding flowers brings me joy). Spring is my absolute favorite season and I can’t help but feel optimistic this time of year. Seriously, I’m optimistic to the point of being almost cheesy about it. In the spirit of exuberant cheesiness, 80s and 90s music is all I have been listening to as of late. With this in mind I have curated a soundtrack of the most delightfully cheesy, deliciously catchy songs in existence. With a little Aqua, Whitney and Madonna, how can anyone be in a bad mood?

1 //Β I Wanna Dance With Somebody

2 // Β Love is a Battlefield

3 // Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

4 // I Will Survive

5 // Like a Virgin

6 // Girl For All Seasons


via Spark People

7 // Wishing and Hoping

8 // Heaven (is a place on earth)

9 // Truly, Madly, Deeply


10 // Barbie Girl

11 // Β All That She Wants




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