Designer Feature | Sex + Ice Cream


Break up drama and heartbreak are definitely universal and inevitable experiences that everyone goes through, but it’s rare that anyone deals with those types of experiences by creating their own successful fashion label. Fashion designer Nicole Leth did just that after breaking up with her boyfriend when she was eighteen. Instead of dealing with the split using a more traditional method – say crying over her ex’s Facebook profile, making wine-fueled bad decisions or having a cathartic moment with a playlist full of scorned woman anthems (hello Lemonade) – she harnessed her pain and used it to create Sex + Ice Cream, empowering herself and other women in the process.

Graphic prints, celebrity motifs and bright, candy-like colours are a few of the brand’s signatures. I personally am obsessed with her Boxed Wine patch and “My Internet Crush” oversized tee, which is covered in a print of Drake’s face. Nicole continues to take her label to the next level and is making a point to women everywhere that, while the end of any relationship may be painful, we all have the ability to take a gut-wrenching and difficult situation and transform it into something that pushes us forward and helps us find our joy. We all belong to ourselves. I seriously can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.

Designer Nicole Leth.


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1 //Β Champagne Papi Tee

2 // “In Memory of When I Cared” Oversized Tee

3 // “Clothes Before Bros” Tee

4 // GRL PWR Sweat Shirt

5 // “He Took Me to Wal-Mart” Oversized Tee

6 // Boxed Wine Patch

7 // My Internet Crush Edition 2 (Beyonce / Nicki)

8 // My Psychic Patch

9 // My Internet Crush Edition 3 (Bieber Fever)

10 // My Internet Crush Tee (Drake)



Above photos sourced from Sex + Ice Cream.



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