Fairytales and Fungi

One of the highlights of my Europe trip last month was going to a Salvador Dali exhibit in Berlin. My grandpa has always loved him and so I grew up with a solid understanding of the late artist’s work. The exhibit showcased Dali works that I had never seen, with everything from paintings to sculptures. One of the highlights was an Alice in Wonderland themed collection. True to the classic story, it was whimsical and playful but with a darkness that is signature to Dali. I ended up buying a special edition copy of the Lewis Carroll classic with Dali illustrations. It’s a month later and I am still so enamoured by what I saw. In keeping with the vibe of the collection, I have collected images inspired by Alice in Wonderland, toadstools and kaleidoscopic psychedelics.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1 //Β Toadstool Their Hearts Dress

2 // All in Good Fungi Lunch Bag

3 // Β Toadstool Cluster Ring

4 // 1970s Mushroom Print Blouse

5 // Moschino Mushroom Espadrilles

6 // Mushroom Girl Printed Sweatshirt

7 // Β Mushroom Macbook Case

8 // Β Vintage 1960s Peter Popovitch Dress




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