Saturday Inspo

Itโ€™s been a relaxing week from me which, believe me, is rare. Free time is necessary for me to keep me sane, happy and motivated enough to give it my 110% throughout the work week. With this extra time I found myself getting into cooking a little bit more. I just made an amazing peanut and veggie curry, not to toot my own horn! I have also been indulging my online shopping addiction and spent way too much time googling. Are you aware that people used to think tomatoes were poisonous? Or that the Inland Taipan is the world’s most poisonous snake? Now you know. Here are a few things that made my radar this week and that have me inspired.

1// These slouchy pants fromย Gentle Fawn

While I love a crisp pair of trousers or jeans, I have fallen in love with silky pants this season. This pair from Gentle Fawn feels like pajamas, they are so soft and comfortable. The slouchy silhouette is great for a pared down weekend look.ย Or, wear them with heels and a slinky tank for a look that is sexy in an effortless way.

2 // Early 2000’s inspired makeup

Let’s face it: the 2000s didn’t do anybody any favors when it came to beauty. From tangerine tinted complexions inspired by The O.C and Laguna Beach to chunky highlights a’la Kelly Clarkson, a lot of it was pretty bleak. There has been a resurgence of beauty trends inspired by the beginning of the millennium and instead of being repulsed I have found myself longing for the days of ultra-shiny lips (that taste like cotton candy of course) and baby blue lids.

3 // The Pursuits of Happiness

As a tea and coffee addict, I love to collect pretty cups and mugs. While my collection of Beatles mugs and Titanic replica china still brings me joy, there is something so luxurious about drinking my coffee out of something that looks like a piece of art. The Pursuits of Happiness is a brand I came across at work. Created by April Brimer and Pavel Cherny, this Portland label specializes in handmade porcelain ceramics with unique, one of a kind details. I just love the brand’s simple shapes and soothing watercolour prints.

1 // Marbled Mug ; 2 // Melty Mug ; 3 // Marbled Mug

4 // This tee that basically encapsulates who ย I am


via BALM

I rarely like slogan tees. Before I bought this bad boy I didn’t own a single one but after seeing an acquaintance of mine wearing the shirt on Facebook I was instantly sold. It spoke to my soul. I am pretty sure that everyone who knows me knows how true the shirt’s statement is. My boyfriend sure echoed its sentiments! I got it a size bigger than what I usually wear so that it would be slouchy and relaxed. I can’t wait to throw this on with a pair of boyfriend jeans and converse.

5 // Raspberry Cheesecake French Toast

I love breakfast. I could eat it three times a day, every day. My favorite thing in the world is having breakfast with my boyfriend on lazy Sundays. We wake up late and usually make something sweet. He is pretty amazing at making french toast and chocolate chip pancakes – they honestly taste like giant cookies. I came across this recipe the other day while perusing Pinterest and decided that I would have to make it for our next lazy day breakfast. Who doesn’t want cheesecake for breakfast?




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