Designer Spotlight | Venessa Arizaga

Remember those chunky little plastic friendship bracelets we would all give our besties in elementary school? Made out of rainbow colored beads and letters that spelled out ‘best friends forever (or 4ever), at that time of our lives they were as precious as if they were made of gold and diamonds. Flash forward ten-plus years and I still have a soft spot in my heart for those tacky beaded bracelets. Designer Venessa Arizaga essentially creates those friendship bracelets we loved so much as children, but with an elevated twist – think gold plated charms, artfully woven cords, semi-precious stones and crystals. Based in Brooklyn, every single item is made lovingly and locally in her studio. Because each charm she uses is special and not always available in large quantities, her pieces are always unique in subtle ways. I’ve had my eye on this designer for ages and am so in love with her playful, almost child-like aesthetic. Vibrant, cheerful and always with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, Venessa Arizaga’s line is everything that has been missing from your jewelry box.

Designer Vanessa Arizaga.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1 // Β Desert Nights Bracelet

2 // Mermaid Lagoon Necklace

3 // Pretty Pearl Choker (Rainbow Cloud)

4 // Junk Food Pin Set

5 // Kiss The Cook Earrings

6 // Have a Pizza My Heart Bracelet

7 // Brunch Time Bobby Pins

8 // Ca$$h Leather Pouch

9 // Don’t Worry Bee Happy Pearl Necklace

10 // Summer Vacation Bracelet




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