Stripes in the City

Stripes are classic. Whether they are thick, thin, colorful or black and white, this timeless pattern looks good with everything. They are also everywhere this season. I can’t pass through a store or flip through a magazine without seeing a million striped outfits and styles. I personally love stripes but there are a lot of people who are weary of introducing them into their wardrobes. Despite past assertions, stripes can look amazing on all body types from petite to athletic or curvy. Generally, the rule of thumb is that the thinner the stripe, the more slimming its effect. Still hesitant? Dip your toe into the trend with a striped bag or pair of shoes. So go ahead, embrace this nautical trend. Stripes for everyone!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1 // Caslon – Linen Shirtdress

2 // Josalee – Stone Stripe Culottes

3 // Nasty Gal – Hands Down Striped Romper

4 // Marc Jacobs – Cooper Sports Slide Sandal

5 // Dolce & Gabbana – Striped Sicily Bag

6 // Charlotte Russe – Ruffle Accent Striped Swimsuit

7 // Express – Striped Off The Shoulder Tie Sleeve Blouse

8 // Boum – Gateau Yellow Stainless Steel Case Watch




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