Fragrance Friday | Walk On Air by Kate Spade

COMPANY | Kate Spade


NOTES | linden blossom, bergamot, fern, neroli, Solomon’s seal, lily-of-the-valley, magnolia, narcissus, Egyptian jasmine, white iris, violet leaf, crinum lily.

If a perfume could be represented by a piece of clothing, this floral concoction from Kate Spade would be a white eyelet lace dress. Feminine, airy and effortlessly romantic, Walk On Air is the kind of unobtrusive, oh-so-pretty fragrance you can spritz on anytime. It’s never offensive, never too strong, and it is light enough to work for casual occasions, with an elegance that makes it appropriate for fancier endeavors. I first tried this fragrance when I received it in my Birchbox a few months ago. I have always loved Kate Spade’s girly handbags but had never paid their fragrances much attention. I immediately fell in love with this fragrance and went through my sample vial in a week and a half. My boyfriend loved it too and it is the only perfume I have ever worn that he commented on it without me asking his opinion first. I have a thing for floral perfumes and so I was easily sold on this crisp, white bouquet.

But how does the fragrance actually unfold? At the top are clean, almost watery notes of linden blossom, fern and bergamot. The flowers are soft and light and are given a zesty sparkle with the slight touch of citrus. Following this airy trail are opulent white flowers – think magnolia, lily-of-the-valley (a diva of the flower world, but it doesn’t overpower the other notes in this scent), Egyptian jasmine, and narcissus. The dry down is equally floral but with a powdery yet green feel that reminds me of classic chypre perfumes from decades past. Violet leaf, white iris, and crinum lily finish off the fragrance which is left on the skin as just a trace of soft flowers, like if you rubbed a freshly picked blossom on your wrist.

My favorite part of the fragrance is the heart. It’s as light and airy as the name of the fragrance but with a richer, almost creamy scent that is intoxicating and romantic. Is this fragrance overly unique or avante-garde? Definitely not. It’s a classic floral fragrance with a fresh sense of modernity that makes it perfect for every day. It’s not showstopping, but it certainly reels in the compliments. Walk On Air is everything one would expect from Kate Spade – elegant, feminine and a little prim and proper, with a contemporary twist. If florals are your bag and you are looking for a breezy scent for every day, Walk On Air by Kate Spade is a must-try.




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