June Beauty Picks

Summer beauty should be fun, fresh and low-maintenance. Tousled, hydrated hair, a fresh, glowing complexion and vibrant, glamorous colours are key. With this in mind, here are the summer products that have become staples in my makeup bag.

1 // O.P.I – Nail Polish in It’s A Boy!

While I vary in my preferences when it comes to nail colours, I always find myself being drawn towards soft pastels. They are low-key enough to work with almost any outfit and look so pretty against any skin tone. This sky-blue shade from O.P.I is perfect for summer. It’s cheerful and evokes thoughts of azure waves, blue skies and inviting pools. I’m currently wearing this colour on my toes and it’s almost giving me a foot fetish. So. Cute.

2 // Β Boo-Boo Cover-Up in Medium

Come summer I try to adopt a more low-maintenance beauty routine. I skip foundation, powder, and tinted moisturizer and instead use just a dab of concealer where I need it. This formula has become a favorite of mine. Not only does it cover everything from blemishes to bruises and bug bites, it also has a lot of healing properties. Ingredients like aloe, chamomile, green tea, vitamin e and tea tree oil nourish, protect and heal the skin. I keep a mini tube of this in my bag and it has definitely become a makeup bag must for me.

3 // Tini Beauty – Pink-Tini Satin Lip Color

I am a lipstick girl no question. I love a bit of gloss now and then (DuWop’s Lip Venom is a favorite of mine) but I rarely leave the house without a painted pout and always have at least two or three tubes in my purse. This compact lip colour came in my June IpsyΒ bag and while I was initially hesitant about using a swipe on lipstick (I don’t like to get the colour on my fingers), I quickly became obsessed with the colour – a rosy nude that instantly brightens up my entire face. The best part? It plays double duty as a cheek stain and lip colour. Rub in a few dabs into the apples of your cheeks for a dewy, flushed glow.

4 // Β OGX – Quenching + Coconut Curls Curling Hair Butter

I have very curly, unruly hair that is always dehydrated. Deep conditioning products are a non-negotiable for me and every now and then I soak my hair in coconut oil before I go to bed. This cream from OGX gives my distressed tresses some much-needed moisture and keeps my curls looking fresh and shiny as opposed to flat and frizzy. It also smells ah-mazing. Even if your hair isn’t dry, this cream is an excellent way to protect your hair from summer damage (the ocean, pool, and hot sun can wreak havoc on your mane).

5 // ColourPop – Get Paid Creme Gel Liner

When it comes to eyeliner, I very rarely stray from classic black. This shimmery rose-gold liner is the exception to my rule. I love to wear it blended across my lids as an eyeshadow or on my bottom lashes (with black on my top lash line) and it adds instant glamour in a way that is still fresh and subtle. This luxe metallic shade also looks stunning against a glowing tanned complexion.




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