Saturday Inspo

It’s been a really relaxing week for a change, which has given me time to get back in touch with my creative side and indulge my hobbies. From painting and cooking to making jewelry and homemade bath products (I made the most delicious smelling Banana-Vanilla salt scrub yesterday, a recipe that I will definitely have to share here), I have been keeping myself busy in the best way. As always, I love to scroll through blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram for creative inspiration and this week I have found a ton of different ideas, recipes, and products that I have become obsessed with. From a lipstick that looks like a piece of art to the most drool-worthy straw tote, here are the five things that have made my radar this week.

The Prettiest Clear Lipsticks Ever

I make no secret of my lipstick obsession and these translucent gel lipsticks from China-based beauty brand Kailijumei are nothing short of stunning. They provide a sheer wash of pretty color in a wide range of hues from petal pink to tangerine and they smell like soothing lavender. They are also chock full of moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter, olive and grape seed oil and will keep your lips super hydrated throughout the hot, dry summer months. With dried flowers embedded in the gel formula, these beautiful lipsticks have caught the attention of editors (Allure and The Zoe Report raved about them) and beauty aficionados all over and sold out quickly. They are available for pre-order though, and you can snap em up here.

Super Easy DIY Candles

Candles are perfect for creating a beautiful ambiance and taking your space to the next level. Whether you have a signature scent or two that you favor for your home (my dad always kept the house smelling like Black Cherry or Apple Cinnamon), or, like me, you prefer to switch out your candles depending on how you feel, candles have a magical way of setting a mood. Our sense of smell is so powerful and is intrinsically connected to the part of our brains that store our memories and regulate our emotions and that is why aromatic candles can be so impactful. Rather than heading to a boutique and buying a couple candles, why not make your own? This recipe is super easy (even for the most clumsy, impatient of people) and it allows for total creative control in terms of scent. Can’t find that vanilla-violet-lavender blend you have been searching for? Create it yourself.

To-Die-For Cheese Garlic Muffins

The other day I had the urge to bake (an urge that happens quite frequently with me) but there was no sugar in the house. It occurred to me that rather than baking my usual sweet treats I could create something savory. With a limited range of ingredients in my fridge – a bag of shredded cheese, some garlic, and herbs – I searched for a recipe that would combine these flavors in a pleasing way. I found this recipe on Pinterest and it was ridiculously easy. It took me thirty minutes to make, from start to finish, and I was rewarded with the most buttery, deliciously cheesy muffins ever. Within a day they were gone (my family loved them as well) and they make a great breakfast, snack, or dinner accompaniment.

Tips From a Florist on Creating Gorgeous Flower Arrangements

Flowers should not just be reserved for special occasions or gifts. A fresh bouquet of blooms can brighten up any space, adding a beautiful touch of elegance and sweet scent (if you choose scented flowers). I love to create my own arrangements out of flowers from my garden and I find that homemade bouquets look so much more innovative and unique than those bought from the store. This article is filled with useful tips from a professional florist. If you are new to creating your own arrangements, this will provide you with everything you need to know to get you started.

This Stunning Straw Tote

Straw accessories are super popular right now, much to my delight. Unfortunately, despite having an assortment of straw hats at my disposal, I have no straw totes in my wardrobe arsenal. Enter this gorgeous creation from House of Perna. It’s roomy enough to fit all of my many “essentials” and then some, and the brightly coloured tassels are just so fun for summer. I know I will be carrying this bag on my arm all throughout the summer. And maybe into Fall if I can get away with it.




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