Trend Alert | Furry Slides


Ever since Rhianna collaborated with Puma to release her sought-after, completely sold-out slides, the fashion world has kind of gone a little bit nuts for furry shoes. Now, when this micro-trend first crossed my radar, I laughed. I thought it was ridiculous. In colours that range from Pepto Bismol pink to Big Bird yellow, some of these slides truly look like accessories sourced from Sesame Street. Still, as the cliche saying goes, “never say never”, because these hairy accessories have begun to grow on me. They are kitschy, undoubtedly tacky, but fun. They pretty much scream “I am a little bit insane and I don’t even care” and that is exactly what I want my clothes and shoes to say because it’s true. Plus, they did reboot Carrie Bradshaw’s sex life (remember in SATC, when Carrie’s pink, feathery shoes made her and Berger have hot sex?) It’s probably a tall order to expect that from any of these shoes in real life, but they are still pretty fun. I have rounded up seven of my favorite furry slides from amazing designers like Brother Vellies and Marc Jacobs. It’s time to embrace fuzzy footwear.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1 // PARME MARIN – Furry Baby Slides

2 // Chryse Heel Furry Slide Sandals

3 // Brother Vellies – Black Magic Tufted Dhara Sandal

4 // Puma – Fur Slide by FENTY

5 // Coral Faux Leather Ankle Strap Fur Single Sole Heels

6 //  Marc Jacobs – Dot Fur Slide

7 // Newbark- Yasmin Sandal




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