Sugar Rush | 6 Sweet Scents I Love

I don’t know what it is, but for the last few months, I have developed an addiction to sweet, gourmand, bakery-fresh fragrances. While I have always enjoyed foodie fragrances, they were never my favorite and I always leaned more towards chypres, woodsy orientals, and fresh, green scents. Still, for whatever reason, I have developed an olfactory sweet tooth in a big way and have been reaching more and more for the sweeter scents on my dresser. Below I have curated a list of six of the sweet scents I love the most. Some of them are definitely guilty pleasures, some of them are iconic fragrances that I don’t own yet but that I really enjoy, and some of them are my go-to perfumes for whenever I am feeling like indulging in something sweet (without all of the calories).


via Sephora

1 // Aquolina – Pink Sugar

Notes: Bergamot, Fig Leaf, Sicilian Orange, Raspberry, Red Berries, Lily of the Valley, Licorice Blossom, Cotton Candy, Strawberry, Musk, Vanilla, Caramel, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood

Oh, Pink Sugar. The scent of my youth. This fragrance is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and is probably the least sophisticated, tackiest perfume that I own. But I absolutely love it. It’s nostalgic, sweet, and almost obnoxiously feminine. Created by Italian cosmetics company Aquolina, Pink Sugar is meant to evoke the sweet, pleasurable aromas of one’s childhood with candy-like notes of caramel, cotton candy, red fruits, vanilla, and licorice. It definitely does stay true to its concept and is very youthful and yummy. Again, Pink Sugar is not a complex scent. It’s not formal or sophisticated but it is distinctive and immediately recognizable. Since its release in 2004, it has become an iconic fragrance and people either love it or hate it. I do enjoy it in all of its flamboyant, cotton candy-esque glory and I think it definitely has an unpretentious, cuddly charm.


via Sephora

2 // Prada – Candy

Notes: Caramel, Musk, Vanilla, Benzoin

When I first smelled Prada’s uber-popular fragrance Candy, I was taken aback by how sweet this perfume smelled. It’s like caramel-freakin’-city. For some reason, I wasn’t expecting such a sugary, foodie fragrance from a high-end design house like Prada. I was expecting something that was more complex – maybe with some spicy and woodsy notes as well. That being said, I love this rich fragrance. It’s delicious and makes me think of snickerdoodles, creme brulee and cake. It’s not overpowering though, and has a soft, powdery feel that makes it very chic and wearable.


via Sephora

3 // Thierry Mugler – Angel

Notes: Bergamot, Coconut, Melon, Cotton Candy, Cassia, Jasmine, Apricot, Plum, Rose, Orchid, Peach, Hedione, Helional, Honey, Dewberry, Red Berries, Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Coumarin, Tonka Bean, Patchouli

Angel is a fragrance that I do not yet own, but it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. This is probably  the most iconic gourmand fragrance out there. Created in 1992, Angel has been cited as initiating a global obsession with oriental-gourmand perfumes. This is waaay more complex than Pink Sugar (there is no comparison -seriously, there are over twenty notes in this bad boy) but, like Pink Sugar, Angel is very much a love it or hate it kind of fragrance. It’s incredibly sweet. If Pink Sugar is a little container of cotton candy, then Angel is a whole damn dessert buffet. There’s caramel, chocolate, coconut, fruit, honey, candy… Angel is an incredibly sweet perfume that should be sprayed with caution as it can quickly become overpowering and cloying. In small amounts, Angel is positively intoxicating and I can definitely understand why it became such a global sensation.


via Ulta Beauty

4 // Ariana Grande (don’t judge) – Sweet Like Candy

Notes: Sugared Blackberry, Italian Bergamot, Pear, Black Currant, Whipped Cream, Marshmallow Accord, Jasmine, Frangipani, Honeysuckle, Vanilla, Cashmere Wood

I am not a huge fan of Ariana Grande’s music, I’ll be honest (although she does have a gorgeous voice), but her perfume is just scrumptious. With candy-like notes of sugared blackberry, cassis cream, marshmallow, and vanilla, ‘Sweet Like Candy’ is aptly named and smells like a thick slice of blackberry crumble with a dollop of vanilla cream and powdered sugar. There are floral notes in this scent, but I find that they just smooth out and balance the heavy dose of sugar without being particularly prominent. This is a young fragrance, but I don’t believe that age should come into play at all when it comes to perfume (it’s all about enjoying what you are wearing and feeling happy when you smell a scent). It’s sweet, delicate, sugary and very feminine. This is a casual fragrance with an uplifting, girly vibe that I can’t help but love.


via Sephora

5 // Victor & Rolf – Bonbon

Notes: Mandarin, Orange, Peach, Caramel, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Guaiac Wood, Sandalwood, Amber, Cedar

Despite the crazy success of Victor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb, I never quite saw what the fuss was about with that perfume. Bonbon, however, I absolutely love. Released in 2014, Bonbon is indulgent and opulent with a rich blend of caramel, florals, fruits, and woods. This is a great choice for someone who wants to smell yummy without smelling like a dessert. The only gourmand note in this scent is the caramel and it is balanced out by the white florals and woodsy notes in this fragrance. In terms of Bonbon’s fruits, I find the peach stands out the most on my skin and creates a warm, sexy trail that lasts for hours. Plus, the bottle is too damn cute.


via Indie Scents

6 // Kerosene – Unknown Pleasures

Notes: Earl Grey tea, lemon, bergamot, honeycomb, tonka bean, caramel, vanilla, waffle cone

I love to browse Indie Scents as I always seem to find the most unique, beautiful fragrances there. I discovered Unknown Pleasures by Kerosene a couple of months ago and with mouthwatering notes of earl grey, lemon, caramel, and waffle cone, I couldn’t stop myself from ordering it. Upon smelling it, the fragrance more than exceeded my expectations. I was expecting a dusky, cold-weather fragrance reminiscent of biscotti and London Fogs. And while Unknown Pleasures definitely does create that impression, the lemon in this scent really stands out. It’s not a fresh or astringent lemon – it’s a creamy, sugary lemon-macaroon fragrance with a drizzle of caramel accompanied by a steaming, fragrant London Fog. This is a yummy fragrance that works best for colder days when you want to feel cozy. Unknown Pleasures is lick-your-wrist delicious but still manages to be unique and chic.

Are there any sweet scents that you love that you think I should know about? Let’s chat in the comments!




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