Fashion Flashback – Early 2000s


When it comes to fashion decades that people look back on and try to emulate, the early 2000s doesn’t really come to mind. The glittering 1920s, the free-love 60s, and the ultra-glamorous 40s? Absolutely. The hey-day of Paris Hilton, logo-mania, and reality T.V? Not so much. There must have been something in the water at the beginning of the millennium because fashion was absolutely bizarre with a capital B (B for Britney, B for baby-tees, and B for just plain bad). Fashion was loud, obnoxious and delightfully trashy. It was expensive to look cheap and accessories like trucker hats and plastic jewelry were all the rage. That being said, there was something about that cheesy decade that I kind of love. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in that period, but the styles back then were so outlandish and tacky that they were kind of charming. There were no rules back then, no social media standards to live up to and, as a result, the fashion icons of that time (party girls like Britney, Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Richie and the Olsen twins) gave zero fucks and frequently looked as if they had just rolled out of bed and plopped on a pair of oversized sunglasses. Back then it was in good taste to have bad taste and in today’s overly curated world, I have to say that I miss it. Here’s to the beginning of the millennium, the fashion era that was so bad, it was good.

1 // Escada – Jelly Two-Hand Quartz Ellen Watch in Pink

2 // Hard Candy – Plumping Gel Sticks Lipstick in Popular

3 // SnapMade – Like. Literally. So Cute. Cosmetic Bag

4 // Volcom – ‘Carefree’ Trucker Hat

5 // Sandys Shop – Vampire Mouth Crop Top

6 // Rag & Bone – Cut-off Denim Shorts

7 // OFF-WHITE – Cropped Cotton Hoody

8 // Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy Perfume

9 // Anya Hindmarch – Skater All Over Wink Chalk Leather Slip-Ons




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