Elevated Sleepy Essentials

If you’re anything like me (and most people I know) you tend to forgo traditional pajamas and instead retire to the sack in an oversized t-shirt you’ve had since high school and a worn out pair of sweatpants or shorts. I currently own TWO sets of pajamas and they are less than glamorous (one set is made of fluffy zebra print fleece and the other is a Cat In The Hat printed onesie). There is nothing wrong with going to bed in something comfy – in fact, it’s a necessity. Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of old movies and I couldn’t help but notice that not one leading lady goes to bed looking like she just came back from the gym. They look just as lovely as they did when they were out to dinner, swathed in silk and wrapped in an elegant kimono. I just love the scene in ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’ when Audrey Hepburn first meets George Peppard’s character and is wearing that ethereal white nightgown and fabulous turquoise sleep mask. She looked so effortlessly fabulous that it inspired me to invest in my own little collection of beautiful sleepwear. There will be plenty of times, no doubt, where I resort to wearing my saggy shorts and Beatles tee to bed, but I love the idea of going to bed feeling stylish and lovely even if it’s just for myself (and my boyfriend). Here are six sets that are currently on my sleepy time wish list.

1 // Roses Are Red – Sundays Are Forever Silk Sleepwear Set in Coral

This set is absolutely perfect for summer. The colour is gorgeous, the silk satin is luxe, and the silhouette is modern with just the right amount of sexiness. It’s just the thing I will want to wear come July when the temperature gets to 30 degrees and I can’t even have a blanket on my bed.

2 // Neiman Marcus – Monogrammed Silk Sleep Masks

I absolutely LOVE sleep masks. I am the type of person that needs total darkness to fall asleep. Even the tiniest bit of light creeping into my room will keep me awake. I love the feminine ruffle at the edge of this mask and the monogrammed initial seems like the kind of glamorous detail that Audrey Hepburn would have had on her sleep mask.

3 // Olivia Von Halle – Coco Plum Silk Pyjamas

It’s official: Olivia Von Halle has some seriously strong sleepwear game. Every one of her sleepwear sets is just gorgeous – almost too beautiful to wear to bed. I love this set because it feels so classic. The retro white piping provides a pretty contrast against the rich plum hue. Plus the airy silk fabric would be just as comfy as my cotton t-shirts, while still looking polished.

4 // Olivia Von Halle – Bella Silk Satin Pyjama Set

Oh look, another gem from Olivia Von Halle. I almost feel like you could wear this pajama set during the day, out in public, with a pair of sandals or mules. The matchy-matchy, head-to-toe, monochrome look is really on trend right now after all. I think the spaghetti straps and racerback are super sexy yet still comfy, something that negligees/lingerie in general never seems to be able to accomplish. And the raspberry hue? Perfection.

5 // Fleur of England – Mint Silk Pyjama Bottoms

As I have mentioned before, I have a weakness for sweet pastels and sorbet hues. This mint stripes are so pretty that I know I would be tempted to wear these out in public as well. Just beautiful.

6 // HVN – Cherry Print Silk Pyjama Set

I adore quirky prints and so this boxy set emblazoned with juicy looking cherries immediately stole my attention and my heart. Again, I love PJs that have a retro vibe, and the red piping gives these a 1950s feel that I simply adore. I can totally picture Rosemary Clooney wearing these while riding a train to Vermont in ‘White Christmas’. I love. I need. I will buy.




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