Fragrance Friday | Nirvana Bourbon by Elizabeth & James

NAME OF FRAGRANCE | Nirvana Bourbon by Elizabeth and James

NOTES | Vanilla Bourbon, Tuberose, Oakwood

VIBE | Smoky, Sultry, Mysterious, Edgy, Simplistic

Released in August of 2016, Nirvana Bourbon and Nirvana Rose are the two newest fragrances to come from the Olsen twin’s fashion empire Elizabeth and James. Much like their predecessors, Nirvana White and Black, these two scents have already become extremely popular and have garnered rave reviews on various websites, including my perfume bible, Fragrantica. I have to say, they are both worth the hype. For the sake of keeping things simple though, I will only be reviewing Bourbon today.

What I have always loved about Elizabeth and James scents is that they are always incredibly simple with only a few notes making up their composition. Most fragrances have upwards of twelve and it’s not unusual to see fragrances with close to thirty. Bourbon lets its three notes speak for themselves. So what are the three main elements of this sultry scent? Vanilla bourbon, tuberose, and oakwood. I don’t think more perfect notes could have been chosen. Let me tell you why.

Right off the bat, Bourbon smells like, well, bourbon. It has that smoky almost leathery aroma of fine scotch that I love (although I hate the taste). If you detest whiskey though, do not immediately cast this perfume aside as the boozey note is combined with a sweet hint of vanilla and is resting on a very feminine tuberose heart. The tuberose is sweet yet animalic. You can smell everything at once and it is this very intoxicating slightly woody, slightly floral, whisky-laden oriental. It almost smells unisex but the tuberose gives it this explicitly feminine floral quality. It’s sexy AF. 

In terms of when to wear it, Bourbon is best suited for fall. Still, I don’t follow rules like that and am wearing it now, smack dab in the middle of May. I highly recommend this perfume to anyone who loves woody and oriental scents. Also, (obviously) anyone who loves whiskey. It’s perfect for night or an intimate occasion. This scent may be distinct but it stays pretty close to the skin so you could probably get away with wearing it to a more formal occasion. The whiskey note is prominent but you won’t smell like you’ve been swigging Jameson on the floor of a bar, so don’t worry about that! It’s stylish, sophisticated and unusual. Three traits that are pretty much synonymous with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. 

Final verdict: I absolutely love this scent. If you get a chance, give Bourbon a try – you’ll be hooked!

Have you tried this scent? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!




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