August Beauty Picks

This summer my beauty routine has centered almost entirely around my complexion. Vancouver has been going through a major heat wave for the last few weeks. That combined with pollutants and toxins from forest fires have left my skin dry and irritated skin very prone to breakouts. Luckily, I have come across a handful of products that have kept my face free of congestion and glowy. From a deep cleansing mask that makes me look like an extra from Avatar, to the prettiest lip gloss I have worn since the eighth grade, here are my five favorite beauty finds this month.

1 // LUSH – Don’t Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

Behold, the delightfully scrubby antidote to oily, sunparched summer skin. Loaded with cleansing lemon juice, brightening neroli and exfoliating ground rice, this bright turquoise mask will make you look like a smurf when you first put it on, but after ten minutes you will be left with matte, baby soft skin that is as clear as the summer sky (not to be overly poetic). Plus, it smells like a lemon tart which is always a bonus.

2 // Organik Botanik – Brown Sugar Face Scrub

If you love DIYing your own beauty products, then prepare to fall in love with this sweet smelling scrub. Organic Botanik is an Australian brand that champions all natural ingredients and simple formulas that are effective and earth-friendly. This scrub is made primarily with, you guessed it, brown sugar, and polishes away blockages and dead cells for a complexion that is hydrated and glowing. You’ll be forgoing your tinted moisturizer after one use, because who needs makeup with a face this fresh?

3 // Benefit Cosmetics – The Porefessional Face Primer

I rarely use foundation, primer, or any other skin of face makeup, other than a touch of concealer and bronzer. Although this silky potion is technically a primer, I like to wear it and nothing else on my face. It glides on like whipped air and blurs everything from pores to imperfections. Seriously, my complexion looks like that of a China doll when I use this (which is quite frequently). It doesn’t provide a lot of coverage, but is great for hot, humid days when the last thing you want to do is layer on foundation.

4 // Urban Decay – Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss in Streak

Let’s face it – Urban Decay can do no wrong. Although I am normally a lipstick kind of gal, this punchy coral gloss is too fun to resist. I love it because it deeply hydrates my chapped lips like a balm while providing a sexy, I-just-licked-my-lips sheen. This colour is also gorgeous – not too orange and not too pink. It absolutely pops against a (obviously faux – no skin damage here) tan.

5 // Hikari Cosmetics – Shimmer Bronzer in Flush

If you’re anything like me and have a naturally pasty complexion that you drench  in SPF from May through September, than an authentic sun-kissed glow is kind of a far-fetched fantasy. Enter, bronzer. This multitasking compact can be swept across your forehead, cheeks and nose for an all over glow, or used to contour and sculpt your face for a more polished look. I also love the hint of shimmer it gives. It’s not so much sparkle that I look like a disco queen, but is just enough to give my face a lit from within glow.

What are your favorite summer beauty products? Let’s chat in the comments!




Beauty Of The Vine

I’ll be perfectly honest – there are very few things I love more than wine. I adore wine. Unwinding after work with a glass full of pinot grigio or merlot is pretty much the highlight of my day. Aside from it’s delicious taste and ability to help us relax, wine is also packed full of antioxidants and other skin-beautifying properties. Everyone knows that a glass of red wine a day is good for your health, but who knew that it could do wonders for your skin as well? From diminishing the signs of aging to deeply hydrating and evening out one’s skin tone, there’s very little that this magical elixir can’t do beauty-wise. Now, I’m not suggesting that we all go home and start chugging cabernet sauvignon by the bottle (that will only leave you looking ruddy and bloated), but these six wine-infused products pack all of the beneficial vitamins and antioxidants as our favorite beverage, but with none of the calories or, ahem, other side effects. So here’s to having more vino in our lives, in our glasses and on our faces. Bottom’s up.



1 // Vine Vera Resveratrol Skin Care – Merlot Collection Moisture Day Cream

Drawing skin-perfecting power from wine’s magic component – resveratrol – this splurge-worthy moisturizing cream deeply hydrates and evens out one’s skin tone. If you’re looking for a powerful anti aging cream that will even out discolouration, this is your best bet.

2 // DeAge – Red Wine Essence

Anything that claims to be the essence of wine has instantly captured my attention. Just a drop or two will penetrate deeply into the layers of your skin, improving tone, texture and elasticity. It also feels super luxurious and absorbs instantly!

3 // TONYMOLY – Pore Care Red Wine Sheet Face Mask

What could be more indulgent than sipping a glass of wine while donning a face mask? Well, this wine-fused sheet mask is here to answer that question. With antioxidant rich jasmine juice and resveratrols from red wine, this inexpensive mask works better than a ton of masks from luxury brands!

4 // Arcona – Wine Oil (Repair AM/PM)

Nothing quenches thirsty skin better than a facial oil, especially if it’s loaded with ultra-nourishing grape seed oil and extract. This lightweight oil is like food for your face with all of the proteins, carbohydrates, fats and polyphenols your skin needs to be healthy and radiant! It’s a splurge, but it’s worth every penny.

5 // Labiotte – Chateau Wine Lip Balm

Your lips will love the silky texture of this balm – not to mention the just-bitten berry hue! This moisturizing formula is enriched with hydrating grape seed oil and Chateau Margaux wine extract, which acts as a natural chemical exfoliant. If satin-smooth, lush lips are your beauty MO (and really, why wouldn’t they be), then this luxe balm is an instant add-to-cart!

6 // Holika Holika – Wine Therapy Sleeping Masks (White & Red Wine)

Whether you’re more of a red or white wine kind of gal, there’s a sleeping mask for you! First, the wine barrel-inspired packaging is adorable. Second, these masks smell delicious. Third, they actually do what they are supposed to. If you’re looking to reduce fine lines and discolouration, slather on a bit of the red mask. Is hydration your concern? A little bit of the white mask will do the trick in no time. If you’re feeling saucy, double dip both masks to address both issues at the same time!

Have you tried any wine skincare products? What were your thoughts on the results? Let me know what you think!



January Beauty Picks

January Beauty Picks

January Beauty Picks

From an incredibly moisturizing shampoo that smells like a Caribbean vacation, to the perfect crimson lip stain, here are the five products that I have become obsessed with this month.

1 // Dermalogica – Gentle Cream Exfoliant

I am a little bit high maintenance when it comes to my skin care routine. My bedroom looks like a chemist’s lab with pots and potions covering the majority of my dresser. Whether my complexion is calling for a deep cleanse one day or extra hydration the next, I like to have a variety of cleansers, moisturizers, masks, serums, oils, and exfoliants to use depending on my skin’s behavior on any given day. One step I never skip is exfoliation. People underestimate how powerful the effects of exfoliation are, but by scrubbing (or dissolving) away dead skin once or twice a week, the skin glows and is able to breathe, free of dead cells and debris. This very gentle exfoliating cream from Dermalogica (one of my absolute favorite skin care brands) uses lactic acid and hydroxy acid to loosen and detach dead skin cells. It goes on like a light mask, is non abrasive and is scent free. For those who find scrubs and mechanical exfoliants to be irritating, this gentle but powerful product will transform your complexion.

2 // The Body Shop – Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

Some people are reluctant about applying oil to their skin for fear of causing breakouts. I used to have that concern but now I can’t get enough of oils, whether I am using coconut oil to deep cleanse my face or this delightful antioxidant packed oil-in-serum to replenish the moisture in my parched skin. With wheatgerm, jojoba, sunflower, marula, sesame and soya oils, this is like a vitamin enriched smoothie for your skin. Designed to heal and rejuvenate the skin, it gives the skin a rested and glowy look that can normally only be achieved with 8 hours or more of sleep. It’s also non-greasy and smells delightful.

3 // TONYMOLY – Delight Tony Tint in Red

While normally I am a lipstick gal, I really love the natural, just bitten look of a lip stain. This formula by TONYMOLY is fantastic. While the texture is very runny and can be a bit dangerous (apply with a mirror; I tried to put this on while riding the skytrain and it dripped and my boyfriend thought my lips were bleeding and looked horrified) it stays put all day once it dries. Use a little for a natural, “I just ate a popsicle” look or apply more for a vivid, ruby red pout. It has a nice, subtly fruity scent and is chock full of vitamins and nourishing ingredients such as aragan and rose hip oil. The only drawback is that it is not very moisturizing, not that anyone should expect a matte lip stain to be moisturizing.

4 // Lush – Curly Wurly Coconut Shampoo

Since I have stopped using foaming, sulfate laden shampoos, I have seen a huge difference in my very curly, very dry hair. I am a huge fan of nearly every Lush product I have tried and this all-natural shampoo is no exception. Made with creamed coconut, coconut oil, avocado butter and eggs, Curly Wurly is richly moisturizing and very nourishing for dry, damaged hair. I would not recommend this shampoo for everyone as it is extremely hydrating and heavy. A little bit of this goes a very long way when it comes to cleansing. It has completely transformed my hair and I am amazed at how much healthier my hair has become. While it still tends to be a bit dry, it is a lot softer and more manageable with very few split ends. This is a game-changing product for anyone with dry, curly, or chemical treated hair.

5 // Urban Decay – Naked Smokey Eye Shadow Palette

Urban Decay’s Naked Smokey eye shadow palette has earned itself a stellar reputation among beauty bloggers and aficionados and with good reason. These highly pigmented, silky shadows blend like no body’s business. With 12 colours (six metallic shades and six matte shades) the possibilities of looks, from a soft and natural neutral eye, to a smoldering smokey eye, are endless.




December Beauty Picks


As we are in the middle of winter, keeping my complexion from looking like a parched, flaky, blotchy mess is my main beauty priority. Skin quenching masks and serums help one battle the icy winter chill, preventing irritation and chapped skin and keeping it dewy. Also, as the holidays are coming up, party preparation is in order and there is nothing like a glittering eye shadow or luminescent blush and bronzer set to transform one into a winter goddess. Stay warm, moisturized and lovely this winter.

1 // Dr. Jart + Ceramidin Liquid

Hydration is key to healthy skin. I have combination skin and I used to be weary of moisturizing my skin because I had the common but wrong idea that if my skin was too hydrated it would break out. Now that I moisturize my skin regularly, I notice that my breakouts have decreased and my complexion is a lot more balanced (when skin is irritated and dry it overproduces sebum to counteract this dryness). This light as air serum is chock full of aloe, licorice root, and ceramide (a component that time releases moisture). It protects the skin’s natural moisture barrier, keeping it plump, hydrated and soft. After cleansing with coconut oil (it sounds counter intuitive but oil cleaning does wonders for removing makeup, dirt and oil from the skin), I will spritz on some ylang-ylang floral hydrosol and then follow it up with this serum. It sinks right in and I swear, since using this my skin hasn’t been dry once and its the middle of December.

2 // Peter Thomas Roth – Cucumber Gel Mask

As a self-proclaimed mask addict, I love indulging in a luxurious face mask at the end of the day. Nothing is quite as refreshing or satisfying as melting away the day’s grime with a cleansing, nourishing mask. Usually it is recommended that one only uses a mask a maximum two or three times a week. I tend to use them more (and have had no issues, but everyone’s skin is different) and usually alternate hydrating masks with deep cleansing so that I am not irritating or drying out my skin. What I love about this particular gem by Peter Thomas Roth (a new favorite of mine – I also adore the brand’s anti-aging cleansing gel as well) is that it is so gentle I can indulge in my daily mask habit without any fear of my skin freaking out. With an abundance of antioxidants and fruity extracts of cucumber, chamomile, papaya, pineapple, sugar maple, bilberry, aloe, lemon and orange, this ultra-hydrating mask soothes, cleanses and nourishes, giving the complexion a plump, quenched appearance and dewy glow. I keep mine in the fridge so its even more soothing after a long day.

3 // LOC One & Done Shadow Stick Trio – Rise & Shine

This shimmery shadow trio has become a favorite of mine. They glide on easily with a creamy texture and are highly pigmented. My favorite colour is Day Trip (a soft shade of fawn) and it is great for every day as just a pale, glimmering backdrop for curled, mascaraed lashes or paired with ruby red lips for a glamorous, Hollywood siren look.

4 // E.L.F Studio Bronzer in Golden Bronzer

My complexion is quite fair and I like to add a bit of bronzer just to keep my skin looking warm, healthy and awake. I used to spend more money on my bronzers because I wanted to avoid the artificial, orange, shimmery look that so many bronzers give. I have tried higher end brands like M.A.C, Urban Decay, Estee Lauder, and Benefit and yet this cheap little palette outperforms them all. This bronze has a light shimmer which initially put me off of purchasing it but after a coworker of mine (who always has the most gorgeous, glowy face) recommended it to me (and told me that it was only five dollars) I bought it. The shimmer is fine and just lends a soft, illuminated look that is actually very natural. With a bronzer, peachy blush (that mimics a natural flush), highlighter and a darker, soft chocolate shade for contouring, this compact has everything one needs to create a warm, natural looking glow.

5 // Salon Gioje Keratin Protein Mask

My hair is ridiculously dry. I have very curly, fine hair and it’s prone to damage if I so much as blow dry my hair. To keep my hair from looking like torched straw, I go out of my way to hydrate it, using loads of conditioner, coconut oil, and this rich, protein rich mask. Protein, keratin and amino acids make this formula as nourishing as it is hydrating. My hair routine is as follows: moisturize hair with coconut oil the night before I wash my hair (I wrap it in a bun and sleep with it in my hair, letting it soak in), I condition my hair before I shampoo (seriously), I shampoo my roots and leave the ends alone, and then I run this mask through my hair like any other conditioner, put a shower cap over it and let it soak in for ten minutes and then I rinse it all out and put leave in conditioner in.  It’s all very high-maintenance, I know, but it does keep my naturally dry, curly hair as soft and hydrated as it is ever going to get. I find this mask even reduces the amount of split ends I get in between hair cuts. I am not crazy about the scent (it smells like an older man’s cologne mixed with eucalyptus) but it works so well that I can forgive it. Curly haired ladies, this is a must try.




My Fall Fragrance Wardrobe


In the same way that one updates their wardrobe in the Fall with cozy scarves, jackets, and sweaters, I like to curate a collection of perfumes to wear as the seasons change. Perfume has a powerful effect on people, more so than we ever realize. In the same way that the smell of baked apples and decomposing leaves instantly evokes feelings of Fall being here, ones favorite perfume appeals to the part of our brain that stores memories and can transport us emotionally to a different time or place. With this in mind, here are a few scents that I have chosen to include in my Autumn fragrance arsenal.

1.Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium 

Top Notes: mandarin, pink pepper, pear

Heart: jasmine, orange blossom, solar floral accord

Base: cedar-wood, patchouli, vanilla, coffee

This rich fragrance is undoubtedly delicious but is much more sophisticated than the majority of gourmand fragrances out there. Creamy vanilla is given a sultry edge with notes of coffee, patchouli and jasmine.

2.Armani Prive Rose d’Arabie Swarovski Edition

Notes: patchouli, vanilla, rose, agarwood

When it comes to art, fashion, food and fragrance, sometimes simplicity is what creates the most mesmerizing impression. Rose, patchouli and agarwood create a decadent veil that is made softer and slightly sweeter with just a touch of vanilla. Prive Rose d’Arabie is perfect for sultry evenings spent dreaming of exotic Arabian nights.

3. Olfactive Studio Still Life

Top Notes: yuzu, pink pepper, elemi, black pepper, sichuan pepper

Heart: galbanum, star anise

Base: Virginia cedar, amber, rum

Normally when I think of Autumn scents I think of the typical, cozy, bakery-esque smells – pumpkin pie, cinnamon, vanilla, amber, chocolate, woods. I have never seen rum in a fragrance before, but when combined with spicy star anise it adds a sweetness to the scent that is unlike your usual sugary Fall-fare. Yuzu, black pepper and cedar adds a freshness to the scent that makes Still Life as complex and compelling as an olfactory poem.

4. Giorgio Armani Si Intense

Top Notes: blackcurrant, neo jungle essence, freesia, bergamot

Heart: rose, neroli

Base: vanilla, fir, patchouli, benzoin

Si Intense is my favorite fragrance for Fall. Vanilla, fir, benzoin and black currant come together to create a scent reminiscent of crisp, walks in the forest and moments spent warming up in front of a smoky fire. Its soft and unusual, uplifting and cozy, capturing everything I love about Autumn.

5.Vince Camuto Perfume for Women

Top Notes: osmanthus, rum

Heart: jasmine, rose, leather

Base: musk, amber, patchouli, vanilla

When it comes to genres of perfume, florals have always been my least favorite. Its not that I don’t like floral fragrances, its just that so many of them smell so similar. It’s as if there is a carefully measured formula for florals that perfumers refuse to veer away from. With unconventional ingredients such as rum and leather, this otherwise traditional bouquet of rose and jasmine is given an intoxicating update that is at once edgy and romantic.

6. Kate Spade Walk on Air

Top Notes: linden blossom, maidens hair fern, solomons seal, calabrese bergamot, tunisian neroli

Heart: lily of the valley, magnolia grandiflora, egyptian jasmine, narcissus absolute orpur

Base: crinum lily, white iris, violet leaf absolute orpur

Powdery and romantic, this opulent bouquet of lily of the valley, magnolia, jasmine, and violet reminds me of a vintage eau de parfum. One that would be kept in a beautiful glass bottle with an atomizer and that would sit on a elegant mahogany dresser. This dusky scent is utterly glamorous and classic.



August Beauty Picks

August Beauty Picks

August is usually the hottest month of the summer and because of this my beauty routine has begun to center around hydration of both my hair and skin. As glorious as days spent by the beach can be, all of the saltwater, sand and sun can really do a nasty number on one’s complexion and hair. With this in mind, here are five of my favorite products this month.

1. The Balm Cosmetics – Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush

As someone with a very fair, almost translucent complexion, bronzer is an absolute staple in my beauty arsenal. While there are a lot of great options out there, I am incredibly choosy when it comes to what I use on my face. Overly warm, orangey hues and glitter flecked, shimmery formulas are my biggest bronzer pet peeves. What I love about this product is that it does double duty as both a bronzer and blush creating a gorgeous, flushed glow that perfectly imitates a natural, sun-kissed complexion. It’s incredibly long lasting and neither sweat, sunblock nor sea spray will make it budge.

2. LUSH Cosmetics – The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask

I have been a fan of LUSH cosmetics for a while. I love that they use all natural, fresh ingredients and that everything is always created in an ethical and sustainable way (in fact a lot of LUSH products support various social causes around the world, such as their Charity Pot lotions which gives 100% of its proceeds to its designated cause). The first of their products that I have ever tried was one of their fresh face masks. Made with real fruits, vegetable, clays and oils, these masks have a short shelf-life of about two weeks and need to be refrigerated at all times. While some may find that to be inconvenient, I love the indulgent feeling of putting these cool masks on my face directly from the fridge. I have tried every single one of LUSH’s masks and most of them are very effective and create visible results. Sacred Truth is a very rich, moisturizing, nourishing mask made with ingredients such as papaya, wheat grass, matcha green tea and egg. It has recently been brought back onto the shelf after being pulled to be reformulated. This is an extremely hydrating, sweet smelling mask that gives the skin a healthy, bright glow. It’s a great mask to use all year round, to cool sun-burnt skin and to quench, parched winter complexions. This is one of my all time favorite LUSH masks, along with Catastrophe Cosmetic (the calamine, rose and blueberry laden holy grail of face masks).

3. Vasanti Cosmetics – BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

If there is one step in my skin care routine that I strive to be vigilant about, it’s regular, gentle exfoliation. As a teenager I had a terrible experience using St.Ives Apricot scrub. The ultra-abrasive, crushed walnut shells irritated my skin and created microscopic tears in my skin which led to an overgrowth of bacteria and an acne breakout like I had never had before and have never had since (I know that there are many people who love St.Ives Apricot scrub but I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy and no esthetician I have ever spoken to about it has ever had anything nice to say. One woman I spoke to said that it is so harsh of a scrub that the only appropriate way to use it is on one’s calloused feet).Because of this experience, for years I had avoided products that promised any kind of exfoliation like that plague. After being told by an esthetician that my skin was congested due to a lack of exfoliation, I began gently exfoliating with non-abrasive, enzymatic products. What I love about this one is that it is very gentle – the papaya enzymes loosen dead skin cells while the incredibly fine micro crystals delicately polish them away. It is also very effective when used two or three times a week and anytime I feel like my skin is getting a bit congested, this cleanser clears it right up, like a great smelling, soothing buffer for my face. It smooths away blackheads, flakes, and can even reduce the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores and an uneven skin tone. I discovered this in my Birchbox this month and have every intention of buying a full sized version. I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially those with sensitive or blemish-prone skin.

4. Essie – Nail Lacquer in Peach Side Babe

There’s no better summer accessory than a glossy manicure and pedicure in a cheerful, tropical inspired colour. I love this new shade from Essie’s Summer 2015 collection. Its creamy, Georgia peach inspired shade will warm up any complexion and transitions easily from summer to fall, evoking images of fiery-hued, crunchy leaves, just as easily as it does sun-ripened fruit from a summer’s orchard. I will be donning this playful, yet sophisticated shade all the way through till September.

5. RUSK Hair Care Heatshift Re-Styling Cream

My hair is extremely curly and therefore constantly drenched in some sort of serum, gel, or cream just so that it is manageable and doesn’t become a complete ecosystem of its own. I love to straighten my hair, if not to get perfectly pin straight strands, but to turn my tight spiral curls into loose, beachy waves. Because of all of the heated torture that I put my hair through, I try to use products that are made from heat-styling and this is my favorite of all of the ones I have tried so far. It is hydrating without being heavy, light without being sticky and it keeps my hair from breaking. I have been able to see a visible improvement in the healthy of my hair (almost no breakage). The fact that this stuff smells absolutely delicious is the cherry on top.

Are there any products that you are particularly loving right now? I am always on the hunt for new lotions and potions so please feel free to let me know!



June Beauty Picks


As the weather gets sunnier and my schedule gets busier, my beauty routine has changed to reflect the warmer weather and my new need for efficiency. Whereas I used to have more time to spend getting ready in the mornings, as work has gotten busier, I have found myself choosing a few more minutes of sleep over any extra primping. Multi-tasking products have become my go-to. My skin has always been fairly dehydrated and I find that the summer heat and sun leads my complexion to be a little more prone to breakouts as my skin produces extra oil to combat the dryness. I find that taking a more elaborate, targeted approach to my skincare routine with a focus on deep hydration helps to keep my skin healthy and balanced. I have also found myself to be particularly intrigued by Asian beauty products after reading rave reviews about their many benefits in terms of hydration, anti-aging and overall skin health. I am a complete beauty product junkie and am always looking to try new things. Here are the five products that have become mainstays in my beauty routine.

1. Stila Convertible Colour Compact in Petunia

With a rich, creamy texture and a feminine rosey hue that flatters every skin tone, this compact by Stila works as both a lip and cheek stain, creating a dewy, natural looking flush. Simply toss it in your purse and use it as needed to keep your complexion fresh and glowing all day.

2. Parlor by Jeff Chastain Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray

This sea-salt, sweet almond and algae extract infused spray created by celebrity hair stylist Jeff Chastain, creates textured, tousled waves while still keeping your hair hydrated and shiny. A few spritzes of this and you will look like you have spent the day at the beach. Bonus: its fruity-fresh smell is absolutely delicious and will evoke thoughts of tropical beaches and fruity cocktails.

3. The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Mask Sheet 

Sheet face masks have been gaining recognition on beauty websites and blogs for being more effective than standard cream, clay and gel masks. Unlike other masks, the formulas that are on the back of sheet masks are more like serums and are usually much lighter but much more potent.The masks (with cut-out holes for your eyes nose and mouth) are often made with soft cotton fibres and because they keep the formula close to the skin, the masks are able to penetrate deeper into the skin and whatever benefits the masks have (hydration, brightening, firming, clarifying) are enhanced. I love this one from The Face Shop. This green-tea infused mask is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants and is perfect for brightening dry, dull skin. It also smells great and is soothing after a long day spent in the sun.

4. Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

I discovered these cooling, soothing eye gels in my Birchbox and absolutely loved them. I subscribed to Birchbox so that I would be able to test out products that I might not choose on my own. These eye gels are an example of something that I would never have sought out but that I am happy I discovered. As a night owl and workaholic, sleep is something that I could always get more of. With Icelandic glacial water, these gels de-puff, tone and revitalize, tired eyes creating the look of a good nights rest in only ten minutes. I would use these once or twice a week, in the morning after a long night, before a night out or anytime I need a pick me up.

5. Ayala Moriel Film Noir 3 in 1 Cleansing Bar

These sweetly scented, cleansing bars created in collaboration by Vancouver-based perfumer Ayala Moriel and Oregon-based soap company Open Source, will simplify your bath and shower routine while leaving your body with a luxurious, cocoa, myrrh and patchouli fragrance (also available as a perfume of the same name). Coconut, castor, and palm oil nourish and moisturize skin and hair while creating a rich enough lather to be used as a shaving foam. My hair is naturally curly and prone to humidity induced frizz and dryness in the summer time. Using Film Noir soap in lieu of my normal shampoo keeps my curls smooth, hydrated and bouncy and my skin supple and moisturized. It’s also a great item to stash in one’s travel bag when packing for vacation (who needs a collection of shampoos and body washes leaking all over the inside of one’s suitcase?). I find one bar lasts me at least a month of washes. It’s also a nice feeling purchasing from Ayala because you know that every item is made from the highest quality of ingredients and is made lovingly by hand as anyone who has met Ayala knows that she is a complete perfectionist in everything that she sets out to do.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favorite beauty products right now? Let me know in the comments!