Autumn Candles To Give You All The Cozy Feels

Scent style your space with sumptuous fall fragrances that will make your inner basic squee with glee! I’m a huge candle addict. I’m currently sitting in my living room which contains no less than 13 candles. Do I have a problem? Forget switching up your wardrobe from season to season. I like to switch up my candles. Fall calls for warm and cozy scents like baked apples, smoky woods and sweet spices. And maybe a touch of whiskey if you’re feeling saucy. Read on for a rundown of my favorite fall candles. You’re bound to find at least one (or six) that tickle your fancy.

1 // Bath & Bodyworks – Balsam 3-Wick Candle

Notes: Pine, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus

This smells like a crisp walk in the woods on a sunny day. Balsam smells exactly (and I do mean exactly) like the needles of a Christmas tree mixed with cool morning air. As a Pacific-northwest dwelling gal, there’s nothing more comforting than the spicy-fresh smell of a coniferous forest.

2 // Diptyque – Thé Candle

Notes: Bergamot, Coriander, Thyme, Sage

This gorgeous candle is the olfactory equivalent of a steaming hot cup of fragrant black tea. Spicy and herbal with just a touch of sweetness, it’s as comforting as your favourite brew.

3 // Byredo – Peyote Poem

Notes: Clove Bud, Juniper Berries, Fir, Hyacinth, Tonka Bean, Black Amber, Patchouli, Vanilla

As if we needed any more proof that Byredo is the bougie candle boss, this stunning blend is everything you could want in a fall candle and more. It’s sweet with notes of tonka bean and vanilla with a touch of forest-inspired greenness and bakery spices. Light it and enjoy being wrapped in a blanket of cuddly autumn deliciousness.

4 // Whiskey Wicks – Apple Pickin’ Wood Wick Candle

Notes: Apples, Spice

I mean, it’s impossible to go wrong with the smell of just-baked apples and cinnamon. It smells like home, pie and comfort. It’s not basic, it’s beautifully classic and is a must-have as soon as the leaves start to change! This handmade gem lasts for ages so your home can smell like a spicy apple tart through until December.

5 // Bath & Bodyworks – Maple Cinnamon Pancakes

Notes: Nutmeg, Maple, Buttermilk Pancake Accord

There’s quite frankly nothing more decadent than a late-morning breakfast of sumptuous buttermilk pancakes smothered in sticky maple syrup. This fall-addition from Bath & Bodyworks captures the essence of your favourite breakfast treat and leaves your home smelling warm, sweet and delicious!

6 // Makers Of Wax Goods – Bourbon Candle

Notes: Oaked Bourbon, Brandied Fruit, Raisins, Smoked Spices, Amber, Woods

Light this bad boy and you’ll feel like a badass detective in a black and white movie, smoking a luxury cigar while sitting in a leather armchair and sipping a glass of top-shelf bourbon. This smoky, woodsy aroma is unique and sultry. It’s utterly intoxicating and always puts me in the mood. Plus how cool is the outer design?

See? There are other fall smells besides pumpkin spice! Which one of these appeals to you the most?




Lavender Dreams

Soft and soothing shades of lavender and lilac are an easy way to lend a touch of feminine sweetness into an otherwise pared down wardrobe of black, white, camel and grey. From accessories and beauty to your wardrobe and living space, a pop of purple is just what the design doctor ordered. So scroll on to feel the mood and check out 11 of my prettiest purple picks.




1 // Elizabeth Arden – Touch of Lavender Eyes Wide Open Eye Shadow Trio

2 // Chicwish – Lavender Tulle Mini Skirt

3 // Origins – Calm To Your Senses Lavender and Vanilla Bath/Body Oil

4 // MAC – Colour Rocker Lipstick in Flatter Me Fierce

5 // Brixton – Lavender Corbet Fedora

6 // Love Stories – Hazel Stretch Lace & Jersey Soft Cup Triangle Bra

7 // Elizabeth and James – Leonie Cutout Stretch-piqué Mini Dress

8 // Humble Chic – Druzy Threader Dangle Earrings

9 // OPI – Infinite Shine Nail Polish in ‘In Pursuit of Purple’

10 // Tory Burch – Jolie Fleur Lavande Eau de Parfum

11 / Birkenstock – Lavender Suede Arizona Soft Footbeds



All Patched Up

With Fall creeping just around the corner, I have been keeping an eye on the upcoming season’s trends and have been perusing through street-style shots and the latest designer collections. Much to my delight, patchwork has been a common thread through many of the collections for Fall.  Distressed, deconstructed styles made from denim and kitschy quilted garments have dominated the runways for designers such as Moschino and Christopher Kane. It pays homage to the 70s obsession that is currently going on within the fashion industry, but it’s still fresh and modern. And it’s eco-friendly! You know what to do with those worn out pieces that you are no longer feeling. I love patchwork because it is incredibly versatile. It can be subtle and sophisticated in office-appropriate muted colours (think a champagne silk blouse and tan leather patchwork pencil skirt) or loud and boisterous in 80s-inspired neon hues. I especially love the idea of pairing a chunky, oversized patchwork sweater with patched denim and suede ankle boots. It’s Raggedy Ann meets runway couture. Hello Fall, you may make your entrance now.


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1 // Sigerson Morrison- Quentin Patchwork Platform Clogs

2 // M.i.h Jeans – Chevron Patchwork Suede Mini Skirt

3 // Yoins – Patchwork Sweatshirt

4 // Moschino – Patchwork Jacket

5 // Manon Baptiste – Patchwork Dress

6 // Commes Des Garcons- Patchwork T-Shirt

7 //  Foley and Corinna – Patchwork FC Lady Tote



Splurge and Save | Must Have Decor Items


I don’t really have a specific aesthetic when it comes to decorating. I bounce around from feminine and hyper girly, with floral motifs, ornately carved furniture and dainty figurines to clean and minimalistic with a neutral colour palette. I am easily bored and have difficulty committing to a specific theme and so my style is eclectic with a mish-mash of colours, styles and textures. Below are four items that I can’t wait to incorporate into my space.

Splurge | Luxurious Leather Chair –  $1,698 (Anthropologie)


I absolutely love the royal blue hue of the leather (it’s my favorite colour). The antique floral fabric and ornate bronze feet lend a Marie Antoinette vibe to this piece that is elegant yet whimsical.

Save | Quirky Candles L to R: $18, $14, $24 (Urban Outfitters)


I am truly a candle addict. I have them everywhere, some scented and some not. Candles have a way of adding ambiance to a room in a subtle but meaningful way. Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses and is intrinsically linked to the part of our brain that stores our memories and emotions. These cute little candles will not only infuse your space with fragrance, but they will add character and quirky charm.

Save | Etsy Art Top to Bottom: $75, $25 (Etsy)


When most people think of art they think of grand paintings and sculptures worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The truth is one does not need to spend an extravagant amount of money to start a dynamic, compelling art collection. Art schools often hold gallery openings where students and graduates sell their pieces for a relatively affordable price. Another great online source is Etsy. Up and coming as well as established designers use the online market to market and sell their pieces, often which are exclusive. It’s a great place to find unique, inexpensive and often one of a kind pieces.

Splurge | Magnetic Spice Organizer (Etsy) – $85


I am not one for practicality as much as I am one for pretty things. That’s why I love when I find products that are as aesthetically appealing as they are functional. Shaped like a honey comb, these magnetic spice jars keep one’s counter space clear in an artistic way.



Living Room Decor Inspiration


Couch –, Coffee Table –,  Side Table –, Chandelier –, Rug –, Painting –, “Love is All You Need” Painting –, Wood Flooring –, Wallpaper –, Framed Giraffe Painting –, Floral Bouquet –, “Gold Nugget” Paperweight –, London Book Set Stack of Eight –

Throughout my life I have fantasized about working within a wide range of different fields. Interior design has always been a profession that has fascinated me. The idea of taking an empty, blank space and transforming it into something unique and beautiful is truly inspiring. It’s easy to underestimate the impact a few simple décor changes can have on one’s home and life. Something as small as a coat of paint can completely rejuvenate and change the mood of a space. Anything from quirky objects (such as the gold nugget paperweight pictured here) to stacks of books or a pair of vintage shoes can be used to add a personal element to a room.

The living room is a place where I spend a lot of my downtime relaxing and unwinding. For this reason I feel that room would be the place where I would spend the most time and energy. An aqueous colour palette plays tribute to my love for the ocean (my family has a cabin on one of the Gulf Islands and it is truly one of my favorite places on the planet) while the vintage inspired furniture lends a luxurious Marie Antoinette vibe to the room. Pale wood, girly polka dotted wallpaper and accents of taupe and fawn help to cultivate a soft and soothing atmosphere.

While the items included in this décor plan are high end (aspirational dream items) similar items can be found on a budget. Decorating treasures can be found nearly anywhere – in thrift stores, vintage craft stores, nature, even your own closet or junk drawer. A little bit of imagination and creativity are all that are needed to transform a space, whether it is in a subtle or dramatic way, regardless of one’s budget.

What do you think of my dream living room? Any décor tips or budget friendly ideas you would like to share? Please feel free to let me know in the comments!