Designer Spotlight | Eat Me Do

Foodies, rejoice! This Aussie line of quirky clothes celebrates all things delicious, with each collection centering around, you guessed it, food. Designer Lara Ivachev first launched her brand in June of 2012, with the goal of creating a line of clothing that was unabashedly playful and eccentric. Discarding the idea that clothing should be classic and understated, Lara believes getting dressed should be as fun as it was when we were children playing dress up in our mother’s clothes. Flashy prints, loud, in-your-face colours, and pop-art inspired motifs are this brand’s mainstays, along with accessories and jewelry modeled after your favorite childhood snacks. Just a warning, the gummy bear, and sour worm earrings look so much like the real thing, you’ll have to remind yourself not to eat them! With each collection, Lara manages to connect the dots between food and fashion. This concept feels SO right now, with many popular Instagram feeds showcasing food photographs that are as meticulously and creatively styled as Vogue editorial spreads. In today’s social media-driven age, you will be hard pressed to find a restaurant where someone isn’t taking multiple shots of their meal before they allow themselves to indulge. Eat Me Do takes this concept of food as an accessory and runs with it, creating mouthwatering confections that combine avante garde style with a culturally aware sense of humor. From fashion to food, this lighthearted brand ties these two worlds together, celebrating above all, pleasure, beauty, and fun. Tasty.


Designer Lara Ivachev.

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1 // Rainbow Breakfast Skirt

2 // Sunny Side Up Dress

3 // Baked Bean Clutch

4 // Sour Worm Earring

5 // Tiny Teddy Brooch

6 // Ice Scream Dress

7 // Mini Gummy Bear Earrings

8 // Krilling It! Clutch



Scent Saturday | Chanel Chance eau Fraîche 

COMPANY | Chanel

NAME OF FRAGRANCE | Chance eau Fraîche 

NOTES | Lemon, Cedar, Pink Pepper, Water Hyacinth, Jasmine, Teak Wood, Iris, Amber, Patchouli, Vetiver, White Musk

VIBE | Refreshing, Clean, Elegant, Androgynous, Sparkling

Although Chanel is my absolute favorite couture house and I think that both Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld are geniuses in their own right, I haven’t always been crazy about Chanel perfumes. There are about a handful that I truly enjoy (Beige, Cristalle eau Verte, Coco Noir, and No. 18 are my favorites). Chanel Chance eau Fraîche, however, is an entirely different beast and it lacks any of the abstract florals or heavy aldehydes and spices that a lot of Chanel perfumes are overpowered by (Coco Mademoiselle and No.5, I am looking at you). I tried this perfume on out of curiousity when I was walking through Sephora as I realized it was one of the few Chanel perfumes I hadn’t tried. I expected to feel how I usually feel about Chanel fragrances – indifference at best, promptly scrubbing it off at worst. I was pleasantly surprised by the fragrance’s refreshing opening, lightly floral heart, and woodsy yet powdery dry down. At first spritz it actually smelled a bit like a men’s cologne before softening into a watery floral with crisp greenery and woods and just a touch of powdery iris. It’s bubbly and refreshing – if it were a cocktail it would be a French 75, with sharp gin, sparkly champagne, and bright lemon. It’s a flanker of Chanel Chance and it is definitely related to Chance eau Fraîche in terms of its notes. However, the original is sweeter, with a note of pineapple and a heavier dose of patchouli. I don’t hate the original, I just much prefer the refreshing, green scent of eau Fraîche. There is also another flanker, eau Tendre, which is in a similar bottle but with pink fluid as opposed to the golden juice of the original or pale green juice of eau Fraîche. It’s actually very nice as well and I may review it in the future. It’s softer and more overtly feminine with sweeter fruits to counter balance all of the patchouli that is signature to the Chance formula. Overall, out of the three versions Chance eau Fraîche is still my favorite. It’s the perfect scent for everyday and is uplifting and bright – just the thing to wake you up on an early Monday morning (it also has a subdued sophistication that is very appropriate for the office). It’s pleasant and not at all overpowering but it’s still interesting. It’s clean and subtle enough not to offend anyone but unique enough to garner compliments and the question “what are you wearing?”. Its not quite citrusy, not immediately woodsy, and it’s not green in the way that oak moss laden chypres are. It really is a bright fragrance that is best suited for the day time. It’s ideal for spring and summer but I find the woodsy elements of the scent make it perfectly fitting for fall and winter as well. While the florals do soften the scent, it could easily be unisex and a man could wear it just as well as a woman could. This is my favorite Chanel perfume of the moment and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves clean fragrances and green, woodsy notes.



Designer Spotlight | Venessa Arizaga

Remember those chunky little plastic friendship bracelets we would all give our besties in elementary school? Made out of rainbow colored beads and letters that spelled out ‘best friends forever (or 4ever), at that time of our lives they were as precious as if they were made of gold and diamonds. Flash forward ten-plus years and I still have a soft spot in my heart for those tacky beaded bracelets. Designer Venessa Arizaga essentially creates those friendship bracelets we loved so much as children, but with an elevated twist – think gold plated charms, artfully woven cords, semi-precious stones and crystals. Based in Brooklyn, every single item is made lovingly and locally in her studio. Because each charm she uses is special and not always available in large quantities, her pieces are always unique in subtle ways. I’ve had my eye on this designer for ages and am so in love with her playful, almost child-like aesthetic. Vibrant, cheerful and always with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, Venessa Arizaga’s line is everything that has been missing from your jewelry box.

Designer Vanessa Arizaga.


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1 //  Desert Nights Bracelet

2 // Mermaid Lagoon Necklace

3 // Pretty Pearl Choker (Rainbow Cloud)

4 // Junk Food Pin Set

5 // Kiss The Cook Earrings

6 // Have a Pizza My Heart Bracelet

7 // Brunch Time Bobby Pins

8 // Ca$$h Leather Pouch

9 // Don’t Worry Bee Happy Pearl Necklace

10 // Summer Vacation Bracelet




Designer Feature | Sex + Ice Cream


Break up drama and heartbreak are definitely universal and inevitable experiences that everyone goes through, but it’s rare that anyone deals with those types of experiences by creating their own successful fashion label. Fashion designer Nicole Leth did just that after breaking up with her boyfriend when she was eighteen. Instead of dealing with the split using a more traditional method – say crying over her ex’s Facebook profile, making wine-fueled bad decisions or having a cathartic moment with a playlist full of scorned woman anthems (hello Lemonade) – she harnessed her pain and used it to create Sex + Ice Cream, empowering herself and other women in the process.

Graphic prints, celebrity motifs and bright, candy-like colours are a few of the brand’s signatures. I personally am obsessed with her Boxed Wine patch and “My Internet Crush” oversized tee, which is covered in a print of Drake’s face. Nicole continues to take her label to the next level and is making a point to women everywhere that, while the end of any relationship may be painful, we all have the ability to take a gut-wrenching and difficult situation and transform it into something that pushes us forward and helps us find our joy. We all belong to ourselves. I seriously can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.

Designer Nicole Leth.


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1 // Champagne Papi Tee

2 // “In Memory of When I Cared” Oversized Tee

3 // “Clothes Before Bros” Tee

4 // GRL PWR Sweat Shirt

5 // “He Took Me to Wal-Mart” Oversized Tee

6 // Boxed Wine Patch

7 // My Internet Crush Edition 2 (Beyonce / Nicki)

8 // My Psychic Patch

9 // My Internet Crush Edition 3 (Bieber Fever)

10 // My Internet Crush Tee (Drake)



Above photos sourced from Sex + Ice Cream.


Designer Spotlight | Rachel Comey

It is rare that a fashion designer manages to create pieces that are simultaneously eccentric, boisterous and whimsical, while also being modern, wearable and flattering. New York based designer Rachel Comey is one of those rare artists. Beginning her career designing costumes for burgeoning bands in downtown New York, Comey moved on to design her first menswear collection before expanding to womenswear and footwear. Her first boutique opened in Soho in 2014. The Rachel Comey brand goes beyond her trademark, vintage-esque aesthetic with integrity and a sense of community being at the heart of the brand. All of the clothing is manufactured locally in Manhattan while all knits and shoes are produced in Spain, Portugal and Peru. With a focus on exquisite fabrics and perfect fits, its not difficult to see why Rachel Comey has built such a cult-following within the art and fashion industry.

I came across Rachel Comey recently and fell in love with her bold pieces and vintage silhouettes. Her pieces are statement making, not intended for wallflowers or those who are not confident in their own skin or sense of style. But they are also rooted in a sense of modernity and celebrate femininity with silhouettes that are at times unusual but always beautiful. Sure there a ton of talented designers out there who create pretty things. But there are few designers who blaze their own trail, shunning industry expectations while still creating works of art that women want to wear. Its clear that Rachel Comey is going to continue to grow as an artist, gaining even more respect and credibility from her peers and fans. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from her womenswear line.

Risible Dress

Rios Dress

Pollock Pant

Slim Bishop Pant

Moor Skirt

Crochet Cropped Tank

Boucle Cropped Pullover



Designer Gift Guide for Under $50


1 // YSL Beauty Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick

2 // Christian Lacroix Fashion Sketch Notebook

3 // “Chanel” Chess Club Graphic Tee

4 // Dior Limited Edition Gel Shine Nail Polish in  Miroir

5 // Kate Spade New York Eat Cake for Breakfast iPhone Case

6 // Marc Jacobs Lobster Claw Bottle Opener Key Chain 

7 // Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Coin Purse