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NOTES | French Clementine, Sweet Orange, Mandarin Blossom, Bulgarian Rose, Madagascar Ylang-Ylang

I go through phases with different genres of perfume. Sometimes I’m all about chypre compositions, sometimes it’s gourmands and other times I only want to smell like a freshly cut bouquet of blooms. Right now I’m in a floral phase. I mean, it’s the beginning of spring so when I step outside the air has that divine scent of rain on warm pavement and newly blooming flowers. I love this time of year and I love celebrating it in my own little way by wearing beautiful floral fragrances constantly. It’s my way of taking the beauty of spring with me everywhere I go. There are a couple of floral fragrances I really adore (Akazie and Linde Berlin by Fraus Tonis as well as Cartier Baiser Vôle), but Flora Chic is one that I have been wearing a lot lately. It’s soft and elegant with a dewiness that reminds me of a garden after it rains. It’s a lovely scent for everyday and is subtle and refined enough to be perfect for the office. Also, how gorgeous is the bottle? All glass, blush, gold and ribbon, it looks like something you would see on the vanity table of an old-Hollywood actress. But what does it actually smell like? Let’s get into it.

Soft and velvety, Flora Chic opens with a mouthwatering medley of citrus notes – french clementine, sweet orange and mandarin blossom. They are sparkling and slightly sweet but soft and don’t have that zesty zing that you would expect from a slew of citrus fruits. When you first spritz Flora Chic on, your first impression won’t be “oh, oranges”. It’s just a touch of citrus to complement the voluptuous rose and creamy ylang-ylang in the heart and base.

Seconds after the shimmering citruses settle on your skin, you are greeted by the most plush, romantic and feminine rose. Sometimes fragrances that centre around rose have a suffocating, powdery quality that I don’t enjoy. Not the case with this beauty. It’s a breathtaking Bulgarian Rose note that is a little sweet, a little green and a little spicy. There are so few notes in Flora Chic’s composition and it’s this simplicity that really allows the richness of the rose to take centre stage.

Playing the accompaniment to the glittering citruses and vampy rose is ylang-ylang. Now, I have always adored ylang-ylang. Found in the tropical rainforests of Asia, it is used often in perfumes and has an aroma that is green, fruity and floral all at once. Maybe I’m crazy, but the smell of ylang-ylang essential oil has always reminded me of bananas. It’s sort of creamy and sweet and is an inspired base note in Flora Chic. The green fruitiness of it plays off the citrus in the top while the delicate floral nuances complement the rose. It’s not easy to pick out ylang-ylang in this melody of notes. It’s just barely detectable on my skin a couple of hours after putting this on, and I think that’s because all of the notes blend so seamlessly together. It’s as if Flora Chic is a beautiful old-Hollywood musical spectacle. The citruses would be the opening instruments, letting the audience know the show is about to begin. The Bulgarian rose would be the stunning starlet, prancing around the stage and stealing the hearts of everyone in the audience. The ylang-ylang would be the backing vocalists, never standing out too much, but always there to support the star of the show. And what a captivating show.

Flora Chic proves that simplicity stuns with its minimalist composition. I love this perfume for spring but it’s so timeless, it would really work for any season or occasion. You could just as easily wear this to a wedding as you could to work. If you’re on the lookout for a classic and elegant floral that’s not too heavy or complex, then Floral Chic is perfect for you.

I hope you enjoyed my review! What are your favourite fragrances for spring?




Secret Garden

One of my favorite childhood books (and movies) of all time is The Secret Garden. When I was little I loved the idea of escaping through a hidden door into a secluded paradise of possibilities. I was also so inspired by the way the main character, Mary, transformed the once forgotten, desiccated garden into a lush haven filled with blooms. To this day, The Secret Garden still has a special place in my heart and I wish that I had a hidden garden of my own to hide away in, especially in this sweltering heat. As I don’t have my own tranquil garden to unwind in, for the time being, I’ll just have to make do with re-reading the book, watching the 1993 movie, and decking myself out from head to toe in florals. It could be worse!



1 // Women’s Floral Print Sheer Chiffon Loose Kimono Cardigan

2 // Johnny Was – Secret Garden Scarf 

3 // Charlotte Olympia – Tara Appliquéd Metallic Leather Sandals

4 // Dsquared2 – Secret Garden Clip-on Earrings

5 // Fornasetti Profumi – Small Foglie Scented Candle

6 // Mango – Floral Embroidery Shopper Bag 

7 // Bling Jewelry – Floral Wrist Candy

8 // Rose Gal – Floral and Striped Tie Belt Sleeveless Dress

9 // Chronicle Books – Secret Garden Colouring Books



Floral Fare


I’m a shameless girly-girl in every possible way, so I have always loved florals. Whether it’s a bouquet of fresh blooms, an ultra-feminine flowery perfume, or a floral printed fabric, I am more than happy to incorporate flowers into every aspect of my life, from fashion to home decor. And while flowers for spring might seem like a cliche, classics are classics for a reason. Even if you’re not willing to wear a sugary sweet floral dress, anyone can channel their inner flower child by toting around one of these gorgeous handbags. Florals have been given an edgy update this season with stylized pop art-inspired motifs and tough-as-nails studs and metallic hardware. These styles are fresh, fun, and anything but frou-frou. Before you dismiss spring flowers as being saccharine and boring, take a gander at these 9 pieces of arm-candy. In the words of Miranda Priestley from The Devil Wears Prada, ‘Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.’. Minus the sarcasm.

1 // Dana Buchman – Lucille Tote

2 // Orla Kiely – Giant Flower Leather Fairfield Bag

3 // Go Jane – Flower Walk Quilted Chain Bag (only $32!)

4 // Lavani – White Flower Emblem Crossbody Bag (only $25!)

5 // Calvin Klein – Saffiano Leather Tote

6 // Orla Kiely – Summer Flower Canvas Zip Around Purse

7 // Go Jane – Vintage Vibes Floral Faux Leather Clutch (only $35!)

8 // Yasbukey – Embroidered Flower Patch Flap Bag

9 // Coach – Embroidered Flower Crossbody Bag




Saturday Inspo

It’s amazing how social media has changed the art and fashion world. From the way artists and designers create to the way we devour their creations, we now live in a world where everything is both aspirational yet accessible. While we used to rely on established corporations and publishing firms to reach the public with our creativity we all now have the privilege of self-publishing. We all now have access to an audience which comes with its benefits and drawbacks. Its never been easier to show our work to others and yet its never been harder to stand out in the crowd. With so much saturation and competition, the pressure to be unique has never been greater and setting out to create with the primary goal of gaining followers and attention doesn’t always lend itself to true creativity or quality work. It may be a total cliche, but those who stay unfailingly true to themselves and write, design, and create solely with the idea of expressing themselves and speaking to those who relate to them are the ones who end up being a breath of fresh air. As someone who is a self-proclaimed addict to social, I never stop being inspired by self-made artists. This week was no exception. Here are five things that have got my wheels turning and my own creative juices flowing.

1 // Floral Photography


via Kelly

A photographer from Melbourne, Kelly plays with flowers. Her photography subjects are simple: flowers, kids, and lifestyle. With a style that is minimalistic yet whimsical, the shots are centered around a single focus – one flower and a cup of coffee for example, yet they are completely dynamic. Simple yet striking, this self-made photographer inspires me to play with flowers too.

2 // Sew Sketchy

For those who haven’t yet had the pure pleasure of being introduced to this fashion sassafras, allow me to do the honours. The spirit animal of fashionistas all over, Sew Sketchy is a cheeky chain-smoking fashionista with a love for kale, Bergdorfs, Valentino and Vuitton. She is the beloved creation of an anonymous illustrator and she has since become inspiration for major fashion houses. Her philosophy that “more is more and less is a bore” is pretty much my mantra.

3 // Oak + Fort’s Spring Pastels

I’m a quintessential girly girl. I love pink. I love lace. I love frills, flowers and all things pretty. So the influx of spring styles in candy-like hues delights me. I particularly love the spring collection from Oak + Fort. The brand’s characteristically minimalist silhouettes and cuts are given a sweet update with a confection inspired palette of ballet slipper pink, periwinkle blue and pale mint. Don’t get me wrong, I love Oak + Fort, but its a refreshing change from the brand’s usual gravitation towards earthy neutrals.

4 //  MCMC “Maui”

My fragrance wardrobe is huge and I certainly don’t need any new perfume bottles cluttering my dresser, but I won’t be able to resist adding this to my collection. With breezy notes of frangipani, tuberose (this heady flower is one of my favorites) bamboo, young ginger and anise, it is natural, beachy and fresh reminiscent of salty ocean spray and sea-side flowers. Indie perfume house MCMC has made a lot of stunning perfumes – Garden and Hunter are also favorites of mine, but Maui is a true gem.

5 // Julie Thevenot

A perk of my new job is that I have the privilege of coming across a ton of amazing emerging designers and mind is continuously blown by the talent that can be found in hidden little boutiques. Julie Thevenot is a Brooklyn-based jewelry designer who creates colourful, somewhat avante garde pieces out of painted wood and leather. Although I usually gravitate towards more understated, dainty pieces, it was love at first sight when I first came across her designs. Thevenot’s hand-made bold creations will make an instant statement when worn with a pared-down, basic ensemble – think a black turtleneck and high-waisted flares.



Bare Blooms

The skies may be grey and the mood may still be dreary and bleak but there is something in the air that suggests that spring is just around the corner. Here’s to sunshine, fresh, fragrant, Insta-worthy blooms and bare skin.


via B//A


via Nishe


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