Scent Saturday | Akazie by Frau Tonis

NAME OF FRAGRANCE | Akazie by Frau Tonis Parfum Berlin

NOTES | Acacia, Wood Notes, Mimosa, Moss, Powder

VIBE | Elegant, Sophisticated, Aldehydic, Luxurious, Chic, Vintage

A few months back I did a review on another perfume from Frau Tonis called Veilchen and I promised then that I would review the other two scents I bought in Berlin called Linde Berlin and Akazie. I’m finally getting around to reviewing Akazie, another scent out of my Frau Tonis trio, and so without further ado, here it goes.

Let my start by saying that Akazie is not a perfume that will appeal to everyone. It’s very powdery and aldehydic, two olfactory qualities that are usually associated with the phrase ‘smells like an old lady’. Other examples of aldehydic perfumes (if you’re unsure what I mean) include Chanel No. 5 and Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds. If you have smelled these scents you know that while they are classics, they’re not to everyone’s taste. Some aldehydic perfumes are very heavy and overpowering, choking you out with the synthetic smell of abstract florals and powder. Others, like Akazie, use this chemical note in a beautifully subtle way that enhances the other flowers in the perfume’s composition. If they are done right, the aldehydes add a vintage charm and complexity to an otherwise simple array of notes. Akazie has been blended beautifully and the florals and powdery notes are perfectly balanced.

When I first spray on Akazie, the mimosa and oak moss stand out the most. At this point the fragrance is incredibly feminine and elegant. It reminds me of a perfume that an Old-Hollywood starlet would wear. Mimosa is the star of the show here and remains the most prominent note throughout the entire fragrance experience. I’ve always loved mimosa, and it smells true to nature in this scent. When Akazie dries down (after around five hours), all that’s left on my skin is a soft, mossy floral smell and this is the part of the fragrance I love the most. It’s just so soft and delicate. Chypre-floral fragrances are my favorite perfume genre and this one is a real favorite of mine. 

Frau Tonis makes truly stunning scents and Akazie is no exception. Centering around the sweet perfume of mimosa, this chypre-floral fragrance is utterly unique and timelessly elegant. Because of its aldehydic undertones, it may not appeal to everyone. If you prefer super sweet, fruity confections, this may not be your cup of tea. If you love florals and perfume classics like Chanel 5, then this will be right up your alley. It’s not an everyday perfume but is perfect for special and more formal occasions. Like a luxe strand of pearls, Akazie has a refined beauty that is absolutely timeless. 


Fragrance Friday | Baiser Volé

NAME OF FRAGRANCE | Baiser Volé by Cartier

NOTES | Citrus Fruits, Lily, Green Notes

VIBE | Romantic, Feminine, Innocent, Optimistic, Comforting, Bright

Think of how it would smell to shove your nose into a bouquet of sweet, fragrant lilies. That’s exactly what Baiser Volé, a soliflore fragrance by the prestigious jewelry line Cartier, smells like. I’ll tell you right now, if you love lilies, then this perfume will delight you. If you don’t like lilies, then don’t even bother with this one because it’s all lilies, all day long. I absolutely adore lilies so I love every aspect of this perfume, from the top to the very base.

Cartier Baiser Volé is a soliflore perfume and is very pretty, but is not in any way complex. It smells like lilies, plain and simple, but in a realistic way. What’s unique about this scent is the way that it uses notes that mimic the different parts of the lily, from the powdery pistil, to the creamy petals and crisp, green leaves. It opens with bright citruses and the pistil of the lily. When I first spray the fragrance, it smells very powdery and clean. The zestiness of the citrus fruits fade almost instantly. The heart is lily and nothing but, and without the fruits in the top, the lily smells a lot softer at this point, with just a hint of creaminess. This part of the fragrance is supposed to mimic the smell of the flower’s petals and it does the job perfectly. At this point, Baiser Volé is stunning in simplicity, just like a bouquet of white lilies.

The base of the fragrance is as minimalistic as the top and the heart, with only one complementing note of greenery alongside the lily. The slightly sharp green note is the base is reminiscent of the flower’s leaves. All that’s left on my skin is a powdery, floral trail with just a hint of green freshness that is barely detectable. Baiser Volé lasts for about 4-5 hours in total, but I don’t mind reapplying it throughout the day because it is that gorgeous. Soft and pretty, it’s absolutely perfect for spring but would work for summer too. In terms of when to wear it, Baiser Volé is a nice everyday perfume but is particularly suitable for special occasions. It’s not overly strong but projects far enough that you shouldn’t be surprised when you get a ton of people asking you what you’re wearing. This is definitely a scent that gets compliments and every time I wear it, I feel as pretty as a picture. If you love soliflores, and more importantly, if you love lilies, then you need to give this scent a try.

Have you tried Cartier’s Baiser Volé before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!



Scent Saturday | Daisy Eau So Fresh

NAME OF FRAGRANCE | Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs

NOTES | Grapefruit, Green Notes, Raspberry, Pear, Jasmine, Rose, Violet, Litchi, Apple Blossom, Musk, Virginia Cedar, Plum

VIBE | Exuberant, Sparkling, Bright, Youthful, Playful, Energetic, Girly

In my opinion, it is rare that a sequel is ever as good as the original. Whether it’s a book, movie, or perfume, eight times out of ten the second (and third, and fourth) effort tends to fall a little flat. There are always exceptions to every rule and in this case, Marc Jacob’s Daisy Eau So Fresh is that exception.

Before I smelled this perfume for the first time, I expected to be underwhelmed. Because I loved Daisy so much, I thought that I would be making comparisons in my head favouring the original. After spraying it on my skin however, I was shocked to realize that (dun, dun, dun) I love it even more than Daisy. While Daisy is a beautifully composed scent, it’s very subdued and demure. It’s reigned in and perfectly pleasant but it doesn’t make a statement. Daisy Eau So Fresh is like the original’s bubbly, social butterfly of a younger sister. It’s youthful and sparkly like a sequined dress. If you enjoy fresh and fruity fragrances, then this energetic juice will be right up your alley.

Daisy Eau So Fresh opens with a glittering blend of grapefruit, fresh green notes, and juicy raspberry. The top is my favorite part of the scent. It’s so vibrant and uplifting – the kind of opening that instantly puts you in a good mood. After a little while the fruits begin to mellow and the soft bouquet of jasmine, rose, violet, and apple blossom start to take centre stage. It’s still sweet and fruity with a bit of litchi intermingling with the flowers in the heart. It’s at this point of the fragrance that it starts to become more mature and sophisticated. It’s still youthful and flirty, but it’s a little more complex at this point. The heart lasts for about two or three hours before it starts to dry down into the base of the scent. Woodsy cedar and clean musk are sweetened by a touch of juicy plum. The end of the perfume is very clean and subtle. It doesn’t quite glitter with bright fruity notes like it does when you first spray it on, but it shimmers with just a bit of fruit and musk. It’s a very pleasant drydown and I feel like it really ties the different layers of the scent together.

Daisy Eau So Fresh is a great perfume for any occasion whether it’s formal or casual. It’s a very fresh, fruity scent that is especially suited for spring or summer. While it has a youthful vibe, Daisy Eau So Fresh is lovely on people of all ages – I wear it and so does my 76 year old great aunt. I’m a firm believer in the idea that perfume is ageless and that people should wear whatever scent they enjoy. It’s just a beautifully composed, perfectly blended, happy scent that puts me in a great mood whenever I wear it. If you were a fan of the original Daisy, or are just looking for a fun, fruity scent, I highly recommend that you give this gem a try.

Any Daisy/Daisy Eau So Fresh fans out there? Let me know what you think of this scent or if there are any perfumes you think that I should review next! 



Fragrance Friday | White Potion by Ayala Moriel 

NAME OF FRAGRANCE | White Potion by Ayala Moriel

NOTES | Ylang-Ylang, Rosewood, Grapefruit, Tuberose, Jasmine, Gardenia, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Coconut

VIBE | Feminine, Ethereal, Exotic, Sweet, Sensual

I love white floral fragrances, but this enchanting perfume is one of my all time favorites (and Ayala Moriel is one of my favorite perfumers). With creamy notes of coconut, tonka bean, and sandalwood enveloping the three main flowers – jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose – White Potion has a sensual, dessert-like undertone that is totally intoxicating. I feel like people either love or hate white floral perfumes because they can often be very strong and overwhelmingly floral. White Potion is not like that. It’s soft and ethereal, evoking images of moonlit beaches, wildflowers, and elfin girls in white, flowing dresses. It’s what I love to wear when I want to feel extra pretty.

When this fragrance first touches my skin, the notes that stand out the most are tuberose, coconut, and ylang-ylang. The tuberose is rich, almost carnal, but is tamed by the creaminess of the coconut and ylang-ylang. At this point the fragrance is a beachy white floral with just a hint of spiciness, likely from the rosewood and sandalwood.

As White Potion starts to unfold further, the other florals start to become more prominent, with jasmine and gardenia coming out of the shadows and into the forefront. The scent is a lot heavier at this point, but it never becomes overwhelming. Jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose are powerful flowers – they are like the divas of the garden – and it’s kind of amazing to me that White Potion never smells overpowering or strongly floral. Like all of Ayala’s scents, it’s perfectly balanced and the other notes (grapefruit, tonka bean, sandalwood, coconut, rosewood, and ylang-ylang) compliment the three main flowers flawlessly.

The dry down is very subtle, in part because it is a natural perfume made with plant essences. After the opulent white blooms have dissipated, what’s left on my skin is a slightly sweet, milky trace of coconut and sandalwood. It’s light and soothing, like drinking a glass of steamed milk before bed. It’s the kind of intimate scent that you can only smell when you lean in close for a hug. It doesn’t project far or fill the room, but this kind of adds to its appeal. Because it’s made of all natural ingredients, White Potion (and all of Ayala’s scents) is great for people who are sensitive to synthetic, mass-produced perfumes. In terms of when to wear this, I think it’s nice for everyday but it’s especially fitting for romantic situations. It’s a creamy and sensual scent that is sure to earn you plenty of compliments. It also puts me in a mellow mood when I wear it which is a big deal because I am a giant spaz by nature. If you love white floral and creamy, sweet scents, then it’s going to be love at first sniff. It was for me!

Have you tried White Potion or any of Ayala’s other scents (if you haven’t, then you should!)? What did you think? Let’s chat in the comments!



Fragrance Friday | J by Jennifer Aniston

NAME OF FRAGRANCE | J by Jennifer Aniston

NOTES | Bergamot, Water Lily, Salty Sea Accord, Magnolia, Freesia, Sambac Jasmine, Sandalwood, Tahitian Bourbon, Vanilla, Musk

VIBE | Breezy, Calming, Soft, Casual, Beachy, Clean

First, let me start off by saying I love Jennifer Aniston. I think that she is so beautiful, strong and intelligent. She just radiates class and integrity. So naturally, it came as no surprise to me that I loved this perfume as soon as I smelled it. It’s feminine, soothing, refreshing and beachy, with just a touch of elegance. In other words, all the adjectives I would use to describe Jennifer Aniston. So what does it actually smell like note by note? Let me break it down for you.

J by Jennifer Aniston is a beachy floral scent that opens with notes of bergamot, water lily and salty sea accord. When you first spritz it on it smells very fresh but not citrusy fresh. More like beachy, ‘ocean air blowing into your face’ fresh. I love that the salty sea accord doesn’t smell overdone or synthetic. All too often sea accords smell harsh and astringent (like cleaning products) but it was very well done here. The bergamot and water lily just accentuate the freshness of the top but they don’t stand out. I love this part of the scent the most. It’s uplifting and instantly makes me think of lazy summer days spent on the beach.

As the scent progresses, the heart unfolds with a bouquet of powdery white flowers. Magnolia, freesia, and jasmine are the notes that give J its very clean, powdery vibe. At this point it kind of smells like Coppertone sunscreen. It’s sweet but not gourmand , and it’s floral but the flowers are very soft and subdued. What I love so much about the heart is that it smells beachy, but it’s not because of any synthetic tropical fruits or citruses. The sea accord and subtle flowers give it a salty, sunblock smell that is so nostalgic and refreshing.

As the scent concludes, all that is left on your skin is a warm trail of sandalwood with a delicate kiss of vanilla infused bourbon. It reminds me of a bonfire that you would sit in front of after you’ve spent all day at the beach. At this point I can totally picture the scenario – I have sand in between my toes and all I can smell is the ocean, and the hot whiskey I’m drinking by the fire. It’s not a gourmand dry down, but the vanilla bourbon adds just a touch of sweetness and sexiness. It’s whisper soft at this point. It’s the kind of skin scent that you need to lean in close to smell (which only adds to its subtle sexiness).

Long story short, J by Jennifer Aniston is a lovely everyday kind of perfume. It’s long lasting yet subtle. It never overpowers and it tends to earn compliments from both ladies and gentlemen alike. It’s a breezy, beachy scent that is perfect for day or night (thanks to the sultry basenote of vanilla bourbon). Like your favorite pair of blue jeans, J is a scent that is sure to bring a smile to your face every time that you put it on. 

Have you smelled J by Jennifer Aniston? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!



Fragrance Friday | Nirvana Bourbon by Elizabeth & James

NAME OF FRAGRANCE | Nirvana Bourbon by Elizabeth and James

NOTES | Vanilla Bourbon, Tuberose, Oakwood

VIBE | Smoky, Sultry, Mysterious, Edgy, Simplistic

Released in August of 2016, Nirvana Bourbon and Nirvana Rose are the two newest fragrances to come from the Olsen twin’s fashion empire Elizabeth and James. Much like their predecessors, Nirvana White and Black, these two scents have already become extremely popular and have garnered rave reviews on various websites, including my perfume bible, Fragrantica. I have to say, they are both worth the hype. For the sake of keeping things simple though, I will only be reviewing Bourbon today.

What I have always loved about Elizabeth and James scents is that they are always incredibly simple with only a few notes making up their composition. Most fragrances have upwards of twelve and it’s not unusual to see fragrances with close to thirty. Bourbon lets its three notes speak for themselves. So what are the three main elements of this sultry scent? Vanilla bourbon, tuberose, and oakwood. I don’t think more perfect notes could have been chosen. Let me tell you why.

Right off the bat, Bourbon smells like, well, bourbon. It has that smoky almost leathery aroma of fine scotch that I love (although I hate the taste). If you detest whiskey though, do not immediately cast this perfume aside as the boozey note is combined with a sweet hint of vanilla and is resting on a very feminine tuberose heart. The tuberose is sweet yet animalic. You can smell everything at once and it is this very intoxicating slightly woody, slightly floral, whisky-laden oriental. It almost smells unisex but the tuberose gives it this explicitly feminine floral quality. It’s sexy AF. 

In terms of when to wear it, Bourbon is best suited for fall. Still, I don’t follow rules like that and am wearing it now, smack dab in the middle of May. I highly recommend this perfume to anyone who loves woody and oriental scents. Also, (obviously) anyone who loves whiskey. It’s perfect for night or an intimate occasion. This scent may be distinct but it stays pretty close to the skin so you could probably get away with wearing it to a more formal occasion. The whiskey note is prominent but you won’t smell like you’ve been swigging Jameson on the floor of a bar, so don’t worry about that! It’s stylish, sophisticated and unusual. Three traits that are pretty much synonymous with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. 

Final verdict: I absolutely love this scent. If you get a chance, give Bourbon a try – you’ll be hooked!

Have you tried this scent? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!



Fragrance Friday | Couture Couture by Juicy Couture

NAME OF FRAGRANCE | Couture Couture by Juicy Couture

NOTES | Mandarin Orange, African Orange Flower, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Plum, Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood

VIBE | Playful, Exuberant, Flirty, Youthful, Stylish, Uninhibited 

I am pretty late to hop on the Juicy Couture perfume train, but after smelling Couture Couture and Peace, Love, and Juicy Couture, I completely understand why the line is as popular as it is. The bottles are fabulous (they’re always decked out to the maximum and completely over the top) and the juice is divine and unique. After trying a few, Couture, Couture is my favourite of the bunch by far. If you’re looking for a fun, sultry, day-to-night perfume, this is one you are going to want to try. 

Couture, Couture is a glittering white floral with juicy citrus and plum notes, which add a lively, fruity feel to the scent. The amber, vanilla and woods in the base don’t stand out too much but they do add a lovely creaminess to the white bouquet. Although this scent is fairly multifaceted, the notes that really take centre stage are the orange blossom, jasmine, and plum. It is very much a white floral perfume but the plum has a very grape-like smell that pairs beautifully with the orange blossom, a flower that has always smelled a bit fruity to me.  There’s something about this scent that reminds me of something I have smelled before as a child but I can’t put my finger on. The dark plum accord also reminds me of the juicy Concord grapes my grandpa used to grow which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I wear it.

Although it’s a very girly perfume, don’t mistake it for being prim and proper. It’s got a sexy edge because of the amber, vanilla and plum. The grapefruit and orange in the top give it a bit of a kick from the get go as well. This is a sparkling, head turning scent that lasts all day, from the moment you put it on in the morning to well into the evening. Like a true couture gown, Couture, Couture is a perfume you wear when you want to grab people’s attention and make a stunning entrance.