Romance In 1912

Stolen kisses under a weeping willow. Gloved hands clasped tightly while going for a midday stroll. Picnics spent laughing by the river, wrapped in each other’s arms. Fervent passion and love restrained literally and figuratively by tight corsets and the modesty of the time. There is something about vintage romance, the idea of falling in love a century ago, that has always captured my imagination. Why? I don’t know. Were we less cynical about love back then? When dating apps, ghosting, and cat-fishing weren’t even phrases let alone everyday realities? Or maybe I’m just looking at the past through a rosy veneer cast by Hollywood movies and romance novels. It’s also very possible that I’m a cliche who wants to be swept off my feet while wearing a pretty dress and gloves. Either way, I’ve rounded up a selection of photos, clothing and accessories that pretty much capture my Elizabeth Bennett meets Rose Du Witt Bukater-esque mood. So much lace. So much love.

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1 // LONNA & LILLY – Enchanted Lace Stud Earrings

2 // Le Chateau – Lace Illusion Dress

3 // Tome – Leaf Print Edwardian Skirt

4 // TheRealReal – Platinum & 18K Edwardian Diamond Brooch

5 // Tibi – Cropped Edwardian Rib Knit Top

6 // Lilly Sarti – Velvet Trousers

7 // Liveinu – Vintage Beaded & Sequined Evening Clutch

8 // Lovestitch – Vintage Inspired Clutch

9 // Miu Miu – Vintage Suede Loafer Mules

10 // Eugenia Kim – Georgina Wool Fedora Hat with Panne Velvet Trim




Boudoir Basics 

While I absolutely love playing with fashion and putting unique and stylish looks together, there’s something about lingerie that just gets me excited (in more ways than one). Even if I know that I won’t be able to see my boyfriend for a few days, wearing pretty underthings makes me feel sexy, confident and feminine – and that’s always a good mindset to start the day with. Everyone has their own style when it comes to lingerie, the same way that we all do with out outer clothes, and it’s fun to express our individuality and sexuality with what we wear, even if no one else can see it. My personal lingerie style is classic and a little bit prim and proper – think tulle, lace, appliqué flowers and satin ribbon. I love sheer fabrics like tulle and luxe silk satin and pastel hues like mint green and ballet slipper pink make my heart sing. I don’t believe in sacrificing comfort for style, and so while I love an ornately embroidered push up bra, it needs to be comfy and in a breathable fabric – no polyester here! My favorite lingerie brand in the world is Cosabella. The pieces from this Italian label are just so beautifully made and flattering. I also love that they are comfy and simple enough for everyday but sultry enough for more, ahem, special occasions. So without further ado, here are the ten lingerie essentials that I want (need) in my undies collection. Afterall, dressing up is fun but not as fun as getting undressed.


1 // Cosabella – Celine Sheer Molded Bra

2 // Cosabella – Never Say Never Sweetie Trade Lace Bralette

3 // Heidi Klum – Little Havana Camisole

4 // L’Agent by Agent Provocateur – Kaity Embroidered Tulle Balconette Bra – 50% Off!

5 // Cosabella – Noemi Printed Kimono Robe

6 // River Island – Black Satin Floral Lace Hem Pajama Shorts

7 // L’Agent by Agent Provocateur – Idalia Lace and Tulle Thong – 50% Off!

8 // L’Agent by Agent Provocateur – Bea Balcony Bra

9 // La Perla – Pearl Trim Swimsuit (Or Bodysuit) – Splurge!

10 // La Perla – Primrose Field Lace Insert Briefs