My Favorite Accessory For Fall

The easiest way to dress up any outfit is with the addition of a silk scarf. The classic knot around the neck is always stylish, but it’s also fun to get creative with other options. Tie your scarf around your bag, wear it as a belt or wrap it around your hair for an Old-Hollywood-inspired retro look. I love to collect vintage scarves and I find that even if I’m wearing a hum-drum jeans and t-shirt combo, a scarf lends an elegance and je ne sais quoi that feels very french and oh-so-chic. Here are a few gorgeous printed scarves that I would love to wear with everything this fall! Some are pricey, some are a bargain, but all of them are delightful AF.



1 // Asprey – Venetian Silk Square Scarf

2 // Laura Ashley – Geo Print Silk Scarf

3 // J.Crew – Fall Floral Silk Scarf

4 // Peter Pilotto – Multicolour Pastel Scarf

5 // Karen Mabon – Breakfast At Tiffany’s Print Silk Scarf

6 // Moschino – Teddy Printed Silk-Satin Scarf

7 // Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo – Foulard Skinny Silk Scarf

8 // Tory Burch – Dancer’s Silk Square Scarf




Top Blanket Scarves for Fall


I love Fall for many reasons. I love the holidays (thanksgiving, Halloween, my birthday – which falls on Remembrance day so technically it is still a holiday), the hot, festive drinks (yes everything everywhere is pumpkin spice flavored and I am not ashamed to admit that I love it.) and the cozy fashion. Every year around mid August I start getting tired of my espadrilles, flip flops and floaty summer dresses and long for my chunky knits, felted hats and scarves. I have plenty of scarves. I have so many scarves that I have to store them in a drawer and two large duffelbags in order to contain them all. Until recently I had pretty much banned myself from buying them as I have too many and truly don’t have any space for any more scarves. I lifted said ban the other day when it became apparent to me that there was a very large, gaping hole in my scarf collection.

A few days ago I was at work and we got a shipment in of blanket scarves. At first I was skeptical of the notion of wearing a scarf that is quite literally the size of my bed spread. That being said, after trying a few of them on and seeing people on the street begin to wear them as the days get cooler, I must admit that I have been seduced by this trend. There’s something so effortlessly chic about these scarves. Tossing them over an otherwise polished and put together ensemble lends a “too cool to care” bohemian vibe to a look in a way that is reminiscent of Johnny Depp or the Olsen twins. It is also undeniably luxurious and cozy to walk around swathed in what is essential a pretty, knitted blanket. It’s the next best thing to walking the streets in our pajamas. Here are a few that I have had my eye on.

1 // Accessorize Soho Zig Zag Knitted Blanket Scarf – $56

2 //  Topshop Soft Checked Blanket Scarf – $35

3 // River Island Black Striped Blanket Scarf – $44

4 // Monsoon Arizona Stripe Blanket Scarf – $48.50

5 // Accessorize Spice Fairisle Blanket Scarf – $43.00

6 // Ketzali Striped Alpaca Scarf – $179

While there are a ton of different ones out there in all sorts of prints, colours and fabrics, I have been particularly drawn to those with bold colours and loud prints. Blanket scarves are cozy and they can really make a statement and change the entire mood of one’s outfit. While my personal style tends to be very classic, polished, feminine and understated, I do like to experiment with trends using accessories as they allow one to incorporate a trend into one’s look in a subtle way. What do you think of blanket scarves? Cute and cozy or sloppy and the grown up equivalent of walking around wrapped in a security blanket? I personally adore them but would love to hear your thoughts!